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So as a testament to my organization skills, follow through, etc…

October 8, 2008

I haven’t posted in months. Um, yeah…I’m fairly certain no one is really reading this anyway, but still! I think it proves just how much I really NEED to focus a bit more on this. I’m laying in bed ready to take a nap looking around the room(that also doubles as my “office” and storage) at the laundry I need to do and laundry I need to put away, dusting I need to do, piles of paper sitting on my desk, books piled up on my nightstand…you get the picture. It’s sort of like a tornado. The thing is, I know, I just know, that I feel a million times better when everything is neat and tidy and organized. But sometimes I think the disaster state of our place is a reflection of my mental state more than anything. There. I said it out loud – my brain is currently a disaster! There do happen to be a *few* reasons for that, though…

-#2 is on the way. With that, I’m sick all day, every day.

-We’re waiting for a job offer for the husband because we’re moving across the country. We anxiously(VERY anxiously) awaiting an offer from the company he really wants to work for.

-I have to legally move my business to another state. I can’t lie, I’m a little nervous about messing that up.

-We don’t even technically know when we’re moving because we’re waiting for his offer-  once that happens, he puts in his two weeks and we move 2.5 weeks later.

-If the offer doesn’t happen, we have to be out of our current apartment exactly a month from today. And find somewhere to live month-to-month while he starts the job hunting process all over again because we’re defintiely moving.

-We’re moving across the country to be closer to family. We’re blessed – our parents live about 10 minutes apart in an area we love, but along with wanting to be near family, my dad just told me he has cancer. It’s not really the right word, but it’s a “good” cancer to have – the prognosis is about as good as it gets, but we’re still anxious to get back and be there while he has surgery and possible treatment, etc.

-If/when we move, we’re living with my parents. In their basement(you know you’re jealous – don’t be jealous;).  This is to not have the hassle of finding somewhere to live from across the country, though I’m still not entirely convinced that we’re saving ourselves that much hassle – just maybe trading one for another? That’s yet to be determined and I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes that it’s all going to be fantastic.

-If we don’t move in the next few weeks – we’re spending the holidays with just us, no other family. It’ll be fine, but it just makes me sad to think about it.

So, amongst all of this, I feel like I need a nap, even thugh what I should be doing is cleaning and organizing to make myself feel better. I need to pack, get more stuff donated to , get copies of all three of our medical records here, get all of the numbers and addresses ready to change and cancel our utilities and update our mailing address in a million places and just do some real cleaning a la Fly Lady, but I think the nap is going to win for now.


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