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A *few* months later…

March 2, 2009

…and I’m still just sort of blogging about, well…not blogging:) Sorry – we’ve been a little bit busy.  I keep thinking about this blog lately because we will FINALLY have our own house for me to be “domestically simple” in. We close on our very first house on March 18th(one day after St Patty’s must be good luck, right??) and we’re so excited we can hardly stand it! I wouldn’t call it quite a “fixer upper,” but it needs some love. We can move right in and generally be good to go, but there’s a lot we’d LOVE to do. But, we’re on a budget.  And – to be honest – right now we just want to be happy and content with the fact that we’ll be living in our own house and not renting anymore. So, it doesn’t need a ton, but it also DOES need a ton, so we’re working on deep breaths in and out and planning one project at a time.  I think this year will be the inside focus, even though with spring and summer right around the corner I have visions of perfect rows of veggies in a garden and colorful flowers all around the yard…I’m fairly certain that with a new baby in April along with the new house that the yard attempts just might not happen this year. So, I think I might attempt some herbs and flower boxes just to do something and settle in for now with a cup of tea and happy thoughts of being able to hang our laundry on the line this summer and a baby pools in the back yard for Amelia. The thought of those alone is worth the wait!

Otherwise, on the list(you know – so I’m saying it out loud to a general audience and therefore might be more inclined to actually get some of this done!):

– Get a fridge. (We did pick this out, we just need to go get it. I fear that it’s officially going to corrupt me, though, because we found an insane deal on a Fisher and Paykel and now I was ALL of our new appliances to be F&P and that’s just not in the budget for now:)

– Paint the kids’ room. This is going to be my first “real” project and my goal of the first room to actually finish in the house.

– Get blinds for  Of all of the fun ways to try to spend money on a budget – this is not my favorite.

– Figure out some sort of door or locked gate for the basement. There’s not door to the basement and no door frame, so we’re going to have to rig something, somehow…we’re just not sure what!

-We need a washer and dryer. We have this *funny* feeling that the 1972 models that come with the house just aren’t going to cut it. (You know  – sort of how the house is listed as 1.5 baths and you should SEE the ickiness that they consider a “half” bath that’s in the corner closed off by plywood in the corner of the garage that IS technically usable, but not really going to be used…)

– Cleaning supplies. We need to completely start over and I’m soooooo excited about this one. Admittedly, I don’t clean nearly as much as I should, but the thought of all brand squeaky new cleaning supplies that I can go completely nuts with does sort of inspire me to get a little bit Fly Lady again:)

– Speaking of Fly Lady – it should be said that on this list NEEDS to be added that I need to get back into her routines again when we move in. I have not done any of it lately (with the excuse that we’re at my parent’s at it’s not the “same”)  but I know I’m going to have no choice but to get myself back into a cleaning routine/schedule again to keep up with a new house.

– Area rugs – we need a million and one of these since the house if top to bottom hardwoods, so we’re going to just focus on a few areas (kids’ room, play area, family room) first and go from there since that’s money that will add up quickly.

– Smoke and CO detectors. We NEED to get these asap. There’s one smoke detector and no CO detector, so even though it’s at the bottom of my list here, it’s at the top of our list of things that HAVE to happen before we even move in.

So, that’s the short list. Not bad, right?? I can’t complain. I know it could be tons worse, but for now – it’ll be livable. We are eventually going to need to re-model the kitchen and bathrooms, get new dining and living room furniture, figure out organization of toys majorly, get a freezer for the garage(That might make it to the sooner-rather-than-later list!), get a big girl bed for Amelia, get a whole house worth of curtains…but it’s all things that can wait. In the mean time, we’re just happy to be moving into our very own house. And I can’t wait to share the adventures as we go through this process of moving and and making it our own (on a budget!).

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