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The things that they know…

May 8, 2009

It NEVER ceases to amaze me. We’re sitting and eating breakfast(requested Cheerios – on a plate, no milk. This girl doesn’t know what she wants in life, does she??). She looks at me and giggles. Holds up a broken Cheerio and says, “Banana! Banana!” Two seconds later she’s holding the same broken Cheerio up to her ear and saying, “Mmm hmm…yeah…”
I miss having an imagination like that where things are SO exciting to discover and everything is play:)


p.s. As I sit here typing this, she finishes the Cheerioos, giggles some more and starts putting her plate on her head and saying, “Hat! Big hat!” She’s doing it to get my attention – because, yes, I’m THAT mom sitting on my laptop at the dining room table – but it’s still cute. I LOVE THAT GIRL.

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