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An almost finished Play Room

July 10, 2009

Calling it a “Play Room” is hardly a fair statement – it’s really this strange little porch sort of room tacked onto the back of the house. It’s tiny and weird(who does vinyl siding on the inside of a room??), but it’s a good little space for kids! I think it’ll especially be great in the winter when it gets a lot of light because of the sliding doors. This rooms is also our main path to the backyard, so it gets a ton of traffic and a ton of dirt. So, it’s not a fancy Play Room by any stretch – that wasn’t really the point. I just wanted to make a space that was a little bit more bright and cheery and cleaner than before that made it a bit easier for me to keep up with the dirt.



The big green thing on the ground is a Neat Sheet.  I can take it outside and shake it off and hose it down when it gets dirty and I’m loving it so much that I think we’ll get another one for picnics, etc. I know the area rugs are a bit strange (mostly because we didn’t follow the rug size chart like we should’ve), but I originally planned to get this rug. I still love it and want to look at it daily, but the area rugs were $6.99 each and are so easy to grab and shake out and throw in the wash and if they get ruined it won’t bother me as much.


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