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I have been informed that he doesn’t “want” to paint.

July 10, 2009

Well, shoot – I thought I was going to pick out a bunch of pretty colors and convince John to do all of the actual work! Except that he informed me that he just doesn’t want to paint around here. It’s understandable, especially when I think about the long list of other things that fall on his plate when it comes to our house projects!

So, my upcoming projects are going to involve a lot of painting. I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to go since I’m going to try to work a bit at a time during nap times{insert hysterical laughing at myself here.} This might take a while. I’ve never painted a room in my life. I’m feeling optimistic, though! Maybe I’ll reevaluate after I get started, but for now I’m kind of looking forward to brightening up the walls around this place. The entire house(even ceilings) is beige. It works because it’s neutral, but I need some pretty colors in my life!

First up: The bathroom! It’s needs so much more than just a coat of paint, but it’s going to be a while before that happens and I decided that I don’t want to wait to paint rooms until we’re ready to do remodels. Paint is cheap and easy, so we can paint again when we’re ready to do the actual remodels.

Before: {Don’t you love that I didn’t even notice that I left the lid up for the picture?}

Paint Color will be: Glidden Tropical Surf.

It was free with their paint give

away, so I figuredit was a good way to go on my first try paint!

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