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A Perfect Weekend Day

July 24, 2009

I forgot that I wanted to share the details of our Saturday last weekend because it was one of the best days I’ve had in a very long time!

We went for a nice long walk in the morning, starting at our favorite local coffee shop that we haven’t visited since we moved back (I used to live right above it before we moved to Denver) and ended our walk at a new Farmer’s Market. I was so excited to see a breastfeeding icon sticker in the window of the coffee shop and it was fantastic to walk in and see how many organic coffee options they had!

The new Farmer’s Market was small, but still great with the things we like – a kid’s area to play with corn feed, lots of beautiful produce, cute Amish kids helping their parents sell, homemade ice cream, pretty flowers and meeting the woman who runs the CSA we want to join next year!

In the afternoon Mia and I took a trip to an organic farm that sells beef, pork, poultry, lamb & goat. I wasn’t sure what to expect at all, but their site said that they have retail hours on Saturdays, so I figured we’d stop by. We drove up and we literally at their house, on their farm. He said that by “retail hours” it means that he makes himself available for customers to stop by rather than being way out in the fields, etc. on Saturdays. Then he told us to hop out of the car and take a tour and we saw the farm. We got to see a calf, sheep, a pig and piglets, baby bunnies, chickens…SO FUN!! I can’t even begin describe how awesome it was! He showed me the process they use of the cow waste in the winter piling up, then the pigs turning it to compost in the summer to be spread on the fields the next year. We were there for almost an hour just talking about how and why they started a farm, growth in the industry…awesome awesome awesome. And it’s totally goofy, but can I please just say how incredible it felt to be driving home knowing that I had literally just put the money we were paying for food into the hand of the person who raised it??

We finished the day by grilling corn and steak on the grill and the movie Role Models(which made me laugh harder than I have in a loooong time!).

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