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Sharing on Friday ~ our favorite toddler cups!

July 24, 2009

Decided to share a favorite sparked by Keli’s Friday Favorites!

I have a straw addict on my hands. We never really even did a normal sippy cup, she just wanted straws. It’s hard to find straw sippy cups for a baby that are BPA-free and don’t weigh a zillion pounds, though!

Enter: Take & Toss Straw Cups.

They’re easy to find and inexpensive. I would never actually just “toss” them like the name implies, but if we forgot one somewhere or lost one, it wouldn’t entirely be the end of the world. So we use those at home, but they aren’t entirely spill-proof.  We hardly ever(maybe never?) take these anywhere past the front door or back yard.  They’ve served us well – we got our first lot of them when she was about 10 months old and I think we’ve bought and extra one or two 4-pack since then. The biggest issue is losing the straws – they’re like socks that get eaten by little elves in the laundry never to be found again!

If we’re out and about, we use our trusty Nalgene Grip N Gulp.

We’ve had it since about a year ago when Amelia was 14 months(how we’ve never lost it in the time I’ll never know!) and it takes some major beatings.  Plus, we’ve never had a spill with it that I can remember. Now that she’s getting bigger and not so finicky about what she’ll drink from, I’m thinking of getting two or three more of these that both kids can share as Nicholas gets bigger and is ready to use a sippy cup, too. I like the Take & Toss a lot, but I’d love to minimize how many cups we have because only a few actually get used on a regular basis.

What are the favorites at your house?

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