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Some Links on Minimizing

July 25, 2009

It seems that every time I find a bunch of links that just work for me – they come from Today, that’s not the case ~ instead, they’re coming from (the same Mandi that has – haha!);)

In my never ending(and lately failing!) quest to minimize our “stuff” and maximize the small amount of space that we have, I feel like I’m always cluttering up my google reader with more and more links to decluttering, organizing, simplifying my life(…a transfer of the “stuff” into a different form perhaps??) Oh, well! It’s the effort that counts and it always feels good to get motivated to get some decluttering done.

First on my list of motivation to declutter: This book review (via Mandi) for The Itty Bitty Kitchen Handbook: Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up & Cooking in the Most Ridiculously Small Kitchen in the World – Your Own by Justin Spring.  SOLD! I officially want this book to clutter up my book shelves some more:) Here is our current kitchen that will eventually get a complete overhaul(especially the baby poop colored counters!), but until then we have to focus on maximizing the space that we have. I can’t believe I’m actually posting these pictures for the world to see…

Second on the list: The post Where Our Clutter Went from Becoming Minimalist. Consider their site definitely added to my Reader!  I love this list with so many great ideas for what to actually do with the things we want to get rid of. I think most people think of all of these different places separately, but it’s so convenient to see them all on one list with ideas of the different things that work well for each different resource.

Want to share any links that you always seem to go to repeatedly for motivation in your home? Leave a comment!

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