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A Special Shoutout to the Potette (and some recs for Potty Training)

July 30, 2009

(and to my mom for finding it a garage sale, explaining what on earth it was and

convincing that it really was worth just sticking in the back of my car as a “just in case”)

There we were in the grocery store parking lot… I hadn’t even intended to go(I try to avoid taking both kids to the grocery store at all costs!), but we were on our way home and literally had one egg in the refrigerator and about 1/4 cup of milk.

I should have known better.

We had been at my parents’ house all morning, both kids were hungry and ready for naps, but I thought I’d just run in and out. Amelia was in undies instead of a diaper and hadn’t gone to the bathroom all morning. We asked her many times, she just didn’t need to go. We made it through the checkout, albeit with Nicholas crying , got to the car and got the groceries loaded. Some lovely lovely lovely woman offered to take our cart back in for us and I was eternally grateful, otherwise I would have been that person getting dirty looks from other people when I left the cart right at the front of our parking spot. I got both kids in the car, strapped in and literally as I was closing Amelia’s door I heard a little, “Pee Pee Mama! Pee Pee Mama!”

Oy. I wanted to SCREAM!! I mean, I wanted to say…”Yay honey! Let’s go! Hold it hold it hold it!!! You can do it lovey!”

Visions of unstrapping both kids again, getting them loaded into a stroller or cart and doing all of this while sprinting as fast as I could to get to the store’s bathroom were NOT sounding appealing.  Then I remembered…my mom had made me put that little potty thing she got at a garage sale in the back of the car! HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH!!

::cue angels singing glorious songs::

Yes, we were THAT family with the kid squatting in the back of the car going to the bathroom. But, you know what? Go ahead and judge. At the end of the day, it’s more important to me to teach my daughter the things she needs to know in life than to worry about what people are going to think of us. If parenting consistently means letting her pee on the mini potty in the back of the car instead of telling her to just go in a diaper so that I don’t have to worry what other people will think of seeing me letting my kid go on the mini potty, I’m all for it!

The thing about the Potette is that there’s absorbency in the bottom of it in the form of these pad things. You could technically just get a little potty and keep it in the back of your car. But it’s really nice to have somewhere to go with the pee and/or poop! Yes, it’s entirely wasteful and not eco-friendly to use the bags and disposable pad things. A potential solution if you’d like it to be less wasteful: If anyone cloth diapers (I may be a little bit biased;), you could potentially throw a doubler or small prefold in the bottom of the bag. Put them in a wet bag and you’re good to go. Plus, even though I try to remember my reusable bags when we go to the grocery store, I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t always happen. As a result we always have at least a few million of the plastic bags waiting for me to take them back to the store to be recycled(you know you never remember to bring them either!). You could use those on the Potette and throw in a prefold and at least getting another use out of the plastic bag and not wasting the little pad things.

Here it is in the back of my dirtbag of a car so that you can see how small it is and how much room it actually takes up. It’s small enough to put on the floor under her car seat and let her sit on it. A ton better than opening up the entire back of my Pathfinder to put the poor kid on display for anyone walking by! At least on the floor of the backseat I can stand in the doorway and block her.

{That cute cupcake bag in the background is one of our favorite things ever – reusable snack and sandwich bags. Laura makes them in a ton of adorable prints if you want a fun little something for snacks, sandwiches, etc.}

Some other things we’re loving for potty training:

  1. Loving this Travel Potty Seat for when we’re out. She gets really intimidated by big potties in an unfamiliar place, but she always gets excited when I offer the Elmo potty!
  2. The Baby Bjorn Little Potty – by far her favorite potty.
  3. The Ikea Potty – not her favorite, but for $3.99 it’s nice to have. For that much, you could get a few and have them in different rooms.
  4. Gerber Training Pants. Even if we didn’t cloth diaper, Pull Ups just bug me – they defeat the whole point of teaching a kid to feel the wetness. These at least offer a few extra layers of absorbency for accidental dribbles, but they’re so cheap that they don’t really absorb much. I also just found these Potty Patty pants that look similar but nicer quality. If we needed more, we might consider some, but we have enough and at home she’s either naked or in regular undies, so I can’t let myself spend any more money.
  5. I’m hesitant to put this up since they’re not in our hands yet, but I’m so excited about these I need to share: Mother Goose Designs Training Undies. I didn’t go for the waterproof layer, just the extra layer of absorbency in the needed area. I’m planning to use them for her for when we are out and about and in another few weeks for naps. I don’t want to push what the potty training guide suggests doing for “sleeping potty” training because she is such a great sleeper that I don’t want to mess it up! Once we have it down really well during the awake hours, we’ll go to naps, then on to nighttime and I’m hoping that these adorable undies are the perfect thing for that! If not, at least she’ll have some undies in really cute prints that don’t involve characters!
  6. M&M minis – I feel a lot less guilty about giving her a mini one every time she pees and 2 minis when she poops than the big ones. Yeah, who cares, right? But I kind of do. So it at least makes me feel a little bit better. And ~ it’s a great learning opportunity for teaching colors;)
  7. Randomly – it helps that our whole house is hardwood floors. I can admit that I might make some of these decisions a bit differently if cleaning up would have to be scrubbing pee and poop out of rugs whenever I let her run around naked!
  8. Potty Training in the warm months has been a HUGE help. Not sure how we’d let her run around with no clothes or just undies when it gets so cold out – of course we could, it just wouldn’t be so easy!

If you’re currently potty training, here are some great posts to give you some food for thought:

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  1. July 30, 2009 5:00 pm

    Thanks for the mention! Good luck on potty training, it’s a bear to go through, but in the end (no pun intended) it’s all worth it.

  2. seekingsibling permalink
    August 3, 2009 9:46 pm

    The little potty in the back of our car saved us a couple of times! Once at the zoo, he kept screaming “POTTY!” but every time we’d go in the bathroom, he’d have a meltdown and freak out. 4 bathrooms, same result. I finally carried my kid (screaming “potty!!!” the whole time) out to the car and put him on the bjorn seat. Good God. Can’t remember what I did with the pee. (Probably dumped it in the parking lot. Shhhh!) 🙂

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