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Shampoo-Free? No Shampoo? I’m intrigued!

September 21, 2009


I can admit that I do a lot of things that others might cause others to roll their eyes. We use cloth diapers, try to use only natural cleaners, try not to use paper towels or napkins, compost and recycle as much as possible…nothing too crazy to me(and I LOVE most of it), but still things that cause eye rolls. But, no shampoo? Really?
It’s been one of those things that I have heard about and half-read about, but never really researched because I just didn’t think it would work or that I’d like it. I can’t believe I’m admitting this to the general public, but I’ve already cut back and only wash my hair at most every other day. I know lot of people do this, but my hair used to be the kind of hair that needed to be washed daily or it was a greasy mess. I got my hair cut once and the stylist suggested testing it out. It took a few weeks, but my scalp really did just adjust. It’s been fantastic for me because it makes my not feel like such a scumbag when I can’t wash my hair every day.

Today, posted about skipping shampoo entirely and for some reason it just caught my attention and it’s completely intriguing me. I haven’t tried it yet(though if I can get both of my kids to nap at the same time today and manage to squeeze in a quick shower, I plan to try it immediately!).  I definitely think I’ll try to ease myself into it a bit, but I’m loving the idea. Especially because I’m allergic to a ton of stuff in shampoos and body products in general – I get icky breakouts all over my scalp or hairline regularly when I try new shampoos and hair products, so if I could eliminate that option I’d be so happy!

Here’s a ton more info in case you’re also interested in experimenting:

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  1. November 18, 2009 9:24 am

    What an excellent blog, I’ve added your feed to my RSS reader. 🙂

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