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This House Needs Some Cheer!

November 19, 2009

Perhaps it’s all of the upcoming holidays. Or just that my baby is finally big enough that I have a few extra minutes in the day to finally think more realistically about decorating. Since we moved into this house, I’ve been trying to put my finger on what it is that I want to do to make this house a bit more of home for us. As I was reading this post on Simply Seleta today, it finally struck me: we need more cheerfulness! I was thinking of it when I saw this post on Fly Through Our Window, but I hadn’t put my finger *just quite* on what it was I needed.

Though our style is a fairly “traditional” hodgepodge of hand-me-down furniture and thrift store finds at this point in our lives, we do still like everything we have. Our couch and love seat are mismatched in 2 styles(because the matching green couch was too big to get through any of our doorways, so the red couch intended for the basement needed to stay upstairs for now), 2 completely different fabrics and 2 different colors, but they’re both comfy and in decent condition:

We have great bookshelves passed down from my parents:

A  seriously fun built-in corner cabinet:

and old, worn wood floors that need a good refinishing:

{last 3 photos by Candid Moments Photography –  Doug is AMAZING!}

So, while we like what we have, the walls are neutral and there’s just not nearly enough blue for my liking. The ceilings are also all painted the same color as the walls, so as soon as we paint them white I think it will make a big difference.  We have a lot of project that I’m ready to start tacking. First up for bringing in cheer: The kids’ room! I loved seeing the Simply Seleta post, because it had just the color we’ll be painting their room:

{From the Cottage Living Idea House 2008 designed by Jackie Terrell, images via Simply Seleta}

While I know that our upstairs is desperately in need of new paint to liven it up, I really like the neutral color downstairs. It’s a small space and the uniform color keeps from breaking it into tiny spaces and makes it feel more open. So, my plan is to (for now) add small details to make it more cheerful. A few ideas…

Some artwork:

{From the Etsy shop Dazey Chic as seen on Maine Momma}

In the Kitchen:

Around Elsewhere:

{I can’t remember where I got this image – if you know, please

feel free to share so that I can give proper credit!}

Finally, this space. Oh this space and the thoughts and feelings it stirs in me. Amanda Blake Soule’s blog, Soule Mama, is one of the first blogs I started to actually follow(you know – before I inundated my reader with hundreds of blogs and actually went to the home pages because I couldn’t wait to see if someone put up a new post!). Of all of the images I have seen and saved as inspiration for my own home, these few stand out to me so much more than any other. Yes, I’m putting it in this post because I think it’s cheerful, but it’s so much more. It conveys a warmth and love, rather than “design.” It’s a home that is clearly filled with carefully chosen treasures to enjoy and that have meaning to a family as a whole and I cannot tell you how deeply I see that as beauty shining through in all of the pictures I have seen of their home.

{If you’d like to see more pictures as it has changed regularly, and delightfully,

check out this post, this post., this post, this post, this post, this post,

this post and this post. So much LIFE in this lovely house home!}


1. What makes you happy and cheerful in your own home?

2. Any suggestions for ours that you think would work well?

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  1. November 20, 2009 11:46 am

    your color coded bookshelves just blew my mind:)
    and that fabric on the second throw pillow…do you know whose fabric it is, looks a little amy butler. your living room looks so cozy, lovin the big round rug, you are inspiring me to take some pictures of my own house to analyze for inspiration…
    thanks for sharing, you have great taste!

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