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Two exciting new product lines in one day!

November 22, 2009

TWO exciting new product lines in one day – so exciting!!

1. Paula Deen has furniture?? And it’s SO PRETTY! I just saw it on {Just Beachy} this morning and got so excited. I love that she’s seen it in person and thought that the paint finishes and quality were worth the prices. Definitely going to need to head out to check out these pieces in person!

{Love that this one is call “The Bag Lady’s Cabinet” and love this color!}

2. I love Land’s End. The quality for the price can’t be beat. I love that you can get it in Sear’s stores now. But you sort of have to stick with basics or the styling just isn’t *quite* right. They’ve made huge strides in the past few years to change this, but it still seemed geared toward a slightly older group – or so I thought until I saw this post on the Urban Grace Interiors blog! Land’s End has a new line – Canvas – marketed as, “A fresh approach to the essential American wardrobe.” This is some serious affordability on classic styling – especially with a name like Land’s End behind it so that you know you’ll get great quality! I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more about how it’s received! Even GQ is loving the line – you know it must have some good style going on with raves from them.

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