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Clearly I Should Be an Icing Professional

December 14, 2009

As you can see, *someone* spent a little more time eating the candy than putting it on the house. Which completely made her day.

I loved this little kit. I’ve seen them all over and this one was $6.99  with a little stand, the gingerbread house pieces, icing and candy. It took about 5 minutes to put it together, I let it dry for a bit and we got busy putting the candy “on” the house. So much easier than any attempt I might have considered at making our own. I’m waaaay impressed by anyone who can do it, but making a gingerbread house meant me making the pieces and icing, etc. we wouldn’t have one around here! {Though I bet my mother in law or my mom would do it for them – grandmas are so much nicer about that sort of thing!}

Plus, the 8 almost 9 month old obviously doesn’t care and decorating the house took up about 30 minutes of attention before Amelia was ready to run off to play with something else, so it made me even more glad that I hadn’t put a lot of time into making it for them.

The best part of all? Both kids are sick and snotty and coughing. So she had her grubby little hands all over everything and I had zero desire to eat even one piece of that candy or the house!

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