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Christmas Tidbits

December 22, 2009

::Stolen from Clover Lane – if you don’t read her blog, you totally should:)::

1. Best childhood gift from Santa: Molly, my American Girl doll. An original Pleasant Company doll(my sisters have Kirsten and Felicity). I have a trunk with Molly and all of her accessories and I can’t wait to share them with my kids!

2. Best childhood Christmas memories: The excitement that goes along with Christmas Eve. It is truly the most magical thing EVER!

3. It’s Not Christmas Without: Someone complaining that, “there’s nothing to eat in this house” {this house = my parents’ house} while the entire house is jam=packed with food.

4. Favorite Christmas Cookies: Pignoli Cookies and Rainbow Cookies

5. Ickiest Christmas Memory: I spent a Christmas sick on the couch – definitely no fun.

6. Our Church Service: We’re still figuring this out for our family. As a kid, it was always the 4:30pm Christmas Eve Mass, then we’d go home to a fun dinner of kid-chosen foods. Now Christmas Eve is at my in-laws, though, and it’s their big celebration night, so it doesn’t leave a ton of room for a 4:30pm Mass with kids who go to bed between 7 and 7:30pm. Christmas Day is at my parents’ house, so we’re thinking that maybe early morning Mass would be good? If the kids get up early we can do presents and relax, then go to Mass at 10am, then my parents’…

7. Christmas Pet Peeve: I can’t lie, it’s really driving me nuts right now that we’re trying to “fit in” getting to church for CHRISTMAS. There are lots of plans and only so many hours in a day and only so many hours that little ones will be happy being out of their comfort zone, overwhelmed with new things and just not having their normal schedule and built-in quiet time.

8. Favorite Christmas CD: Not a CD, but the Peaceful Christmas station and the Harry Connick Jr. Christmas station on Pandora.

9. Real or Fake: Fake. 2 Fakes.

10. I Spend Christmas Eve: At the in-laws’.

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