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Magic Reindeer Food

December 24, 2009

Before either of my kids were born, I read on a message board about the idea of leaving “Reindeer Food.”  Not the carrots we left as kids,  but magical Reindeer Food. It stuck with me as so much fun and I filed it in the back of my head as something we definitely wanted to do. This year, I didn’t even have to remember – she came home from preschool with it all bags nicely and neatly before we even had a chance to do it here! It’s such a sweet idea {and I’m admittedly a sucker for anything involving glitter!}, so I wanted to share the easy recipe:

-Oats of some sort



-Glitter and/or sugar crystal sprinkles

Easy, right? We’ve already lost the paper that was with it, but two poems I’ve found that go along with it:

“Reindeer, reindeer pulling the sleigh,

We’ve left you something nice today!

Oats and raisins and sugar so sweet,

It’s a tasty reindeer treat!”

“Sprinkle on the lawn at night,

The moon will make it sparkle bright!

As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam,

This will guide them to your home!”

{Click on the picture above for a link with instructions on how to make it in those cute

little packages as well as ideas for Spare Rudolph noses and Reindeer Poop}

Leave some love! (It always makes my day:)

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