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What We Do on a Snowy Winter Day

February 9, 2010

“What the heck are you doing over there that’s so much fun??” -said my mom with a chuckle.

When my mom isn’t working, we usually call her in the morning around 7am to say hi. Today, when we called, Amelia immediately said, “I don’t want to go to Grandma’s house. I want to stay home with you and Nick!” My mom’s comment was in response to this, but it really sat with me.

What are we doing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing – and we really, really like it. A lot.

So I thought I’d gather a list of ideas of things to do with little ones on those days stuck in the house. I cannot believe how much I dug up and/or remembered in a matter of only a few minutes!

First, from a message board where I post regularly, suggestions from moms with little ones stuck inside currently:

-Playing in random parts of our house where we don’t usually play

-Cooking and baking together

-Going on “adventures” around the house to see what treasures we can find

-Finding new fun kid’s music on the Pandora kid’s stations (toddler tunes is usually the winner)

-Building roads and train tracks out of blocks and pillows and blankets

-I wanted to get one of those big rolls of paper for art, but kept forgetting, so I got out a piece of foam board from a project and we just keep adding to it when she wants to do art projects – crayons, paint, stamps, stickers – they’re all over it

-Cleaning – she’s always up for dusting or sweeping or wiping anything with me

-Making anything and everything into musical instruments

-Emptying kitchen drawers and cabinets is always a big hit

-Playing on the floor in the closets – they love having little forts in there!

-Digging out some old toys that are “new” again

-Making birthday cards for whoever has a b-day coming up (we do this at least weekly!) – lots of stickers and blank cards on hand

-Making bird feeders with pine cones, bird seed and peanut butter

-Taking a bath during the day (a nice change up, and a good way for mom to get a few minutes to sit down and read or pay a bill or whatever while kids play in the tub).

-Make your own play dough

-Toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Endless possibilities.

– Dress up with mom and dad’s clothes/shoes

– Finger paint/play dough/sticker crafts

– Marching band (they love to turn up the music, bang on their instruments, and march around the house)

– Playing in the garage (my kids love it for some reason); almost as good as going outside except a little it warmer!

– Playing “teacher” and having circle time; she loves this since she picks the book and ‘reads’ to us

-Color the back of one paper plate red and another green. Play “Red Light, Green Light” in a long room or down a hallway.

-Again using a long room or hallway, get a basket and fill it with whatever skill you want to work on (i.e. magnetic letters, shapes, colors) and have your child run to the basket, pick out an object and run it back to you.  He or she then has to tell you the letter, color or shape to earn a sticker, grape, m & m, or whatever is motivation.  We do this in the evenings to burn off extra energy before bed and practice some preschool skills.

-Play hide and seek with flashlights.  Either have your child hide or hide an object.

-Make sandwiches and snack mix together, put a blanket on the floor and have a picnic.

-We have a Cozy Coupe car and we play “mailman” with it by putting out several stuffed animals empty Tupperware containers around our living area. I then give her blank envelopes to decorate with stickers and crayons and then she gets in her car and delivers them to her animal friends. {My note: Don’t you just love this one?? We’ve already played twice!}

-Fill empty baby food jars or water bottles with rice and make shakers.  Turn on the radio and dance and shake along with the songs.

-Cut out circles from different colored construction paper and put them all around the house. Pretend you are frogs hopping from lily pad to lily pad and name the colors as you land on them.

-Pull out Velcro curlers, bows, clips, etc and play hairdresser.

-Put shaving cream on the table and draw in it with your fingers.  Cleans up easily and makes your table extra clean!

-Go to free library story times, Chocolate World, local pet stores to look at animals.

More Fun Ideas I Have Saved or Searched:

Scratch and Sniff Painting

-Making these little treasure baskets

Family Fun always has lots of ideas!

The Indoor Safari – make sure you read the comments on this one for even more ideas!

Toddler Craft – so excited to have found this – love the real pictures!

Preschool Activity Themes

20 Activities Under $10

Fabulous Finger Paint in Se7en Steps

Stapleless Paper Chains

Patterns For Colouring

Happy Playing everyone!

{This post is a part of Steady Mom’s 30-Minute Blog Challenge. Just so that I feel honest – it did take 33 minutes today;)}

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  1. February 9, 2010 3:18 pm

    I found your blog at Steady Mom. I love these ideas, many of them have been tested here already this winter. There’s something so relaxing and cozy about long winter days of playing in the kitchen and dancing to new music.

  2. February 9, 2010 5:16 pm

    This is an awesome list!!

  3. February 9, 2010 10:02 pm

    Thanks for a great list of ideas!

  4. February 10, 2010 9:20 am

    Cool list… We have the best fun when we are doing “nothing”!!!

  5. ell.uu permalink
    February 12, 2010 6:54 pm

    great ideas! i’m bookmarking this post right now.

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