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Chickens and non-GMO Shopping and Outdoor Preschool and Farmer’s Market Fridays

March 24, 2010

A whole lot of randomness today!

1. Loving this contest for the best backyard chicken photo.  You know you want to vote:)

2. Valley Girl Has Baby, Goes Crunchy posted this link to a site with tons of info and specifics on non-GMO shopping. To say that I’m obsessing is a slight understatement. It’s so interesting to read and learn about the food we put into our bodies and our family’s bodies on a regular basis.

3. I stumbled upon a link to Outdoor Preschool and it feels like such a breath of fresh air – literally. There are so many things that I love about it: the attitudes of the teachers, the naps in sleeping bags in a tee pee, their complete and utter confidence that the children can hike up a mountain, exploring the water, the list goes on and on.

4. We made a trip to one of our two favorite markets yesterday and it felt SO good. I don’t know why we don’t go more in the winter – I started talking to some of the owners at the stands I frequent and many of them still have various products from their farms available – butters, milks, cheeses, eggs, some plants that they grow in greenhouses. It’s amazing to learn so much about where the food comes from. There are so many beautiful pictures to be taken in these two amazing places, so I’ve decided that my challenge for the spring and summer is going to be to go to each of them at least once a week and bring my camera. The challenge isn’t getting there, bringing my camera is the challenge. When it’s added to a double stroller, narrow aisles, juggling bags of produce and crowds(especially depending on the time of day), it always seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth.

But it is worth it and that’s why I want to challenge myself to this. I want to take pictures at a farmer’s market at least weekly and be able to look back at the change of produce over the season. We know that it happens, but it always seems so intangible and gradual and not-connected-to-us-personally since we can go to a grocery store and get anything we want, any time of year. Starting a garden to get more connected to the process of understanding my food sources was #1. This project is going to be #2. Anyone want to join? Join the group here! I’d love to be able to watch all of the season unfold from different places!

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  1. Liz permalink
    March 24, 2010 2:10 pm

    Lil – can I join your farmers mkt group, and post pix of our weekly CSA deliveries?

    • Lillian permalink*
      March 24, 2010 3:11 pm

      Yes, of course!! Anyone and everyone can! I can’t wait to see what you get!

  2. March 25, 2010 4:04 pm

    What a beautiful farmer’s market to hang out at. Cobblestone streets??!! Ah. I’d bring my camera too. 🙂

  3. March 25, 2010 9:24 pm

    Lilian, Thanks so much for commenting over at my place today. I am so glad I came and visited you here because what do I see when I arrive but Central Market?! My husband grew up close by and I had the pleasure of visiting there for the first time a year or so ago. What an incredible place! I’m just a tad (note the sarcasm) jealous you live so close and we don’t!

  4. March 25, 2010 10:51 pm

    I’m not sure. But the Central Market pictures looks an awful lot like the Central Market near where I live. I’d love to know if it’s one & the same.

  5. March 26, 2010 12:14 pm

    Seriously blushing after your compliments on our kitchen. And I was hoping that maybe this post would bring some new + lovely people out of the woodwork. I got my wish…it’s a lovely little blog/life/children/name/self you have here. So glad to meet you, dear.


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