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Springtime Fun

April 20, 2010

Our neighbors generously gave us their swing set and we’ve had it up for about two weeks now. Between the new swing set, getting ready for gardens and just general good weather, we’ve been spending oodles of time outdoors and it’s so so so nice. I’m fairly certain that every single one of our souls is benefiting in a major may. Morning, noon and night even the littlest one is banging on the door to get outside (and has managed to escape more than once by opening the screen door himself). The windows are open, everything is full of color and life and it there just feels like there is SO much to look forward to – more warm weather, a much-needed vacation(our first real vacation that doesn’t involve a wedding!), fireflies, swimming, picking fruits and veggies, grilling…so many things!

We made a list last year for all of the things we wanted to do over the summer after seeing this post. All of this time outside is making me itch to do so many things already that I’m thinking that we’re going to need to make a 2010 Summer List again very, very soon!

Being outside is a constant reminder, though, of just how much we need to do. Our yard has a good amount of landscaping around the house, but beyond that it’s kind of barren. The people who owned it before us lived here for about 30 years in retirement, so it kind of surprises me, but it’s nice because it’s a blank slate for us. Our neighbors to either side have yards that are very full, so ours stands out. We’re adding a back hedge(sort of), painting and rebuilding or replacing those eyesores that we call sheds, re-staining the swing set, filling the raised beds {Finally! But a sidenote: something we didn’t really think about when we decided to do raised beds – the cost of filling the raised beds. Oops.} So, once they’re filled, the peas are going in before they completely overtake every other plant we’ve started in the basement. Then the front yard needs a retaining wall, a new walkway to the front door, front and back yards both need at least one more tree and more landscaping, etc. I’m attempting plans, but it’s hard, man! The deck needs to be ripped out and seeded for grass underneath(because we want to just save for a while until we can afford to put in the patio that we really want, rather than just something super cheap that we could afford now. Plus there’s going to be endless weeding, weeding and more weeding.

I have a funny feeling there’s no way it’s all going to happen this spring and summer, but it sure does feel good to get outside and get working on it all.

There’s an obsession happening around here with birthdays. Nick just had one, Daddy has one coming up and we just celebrated with his parents and Mia is already going nuts wanting to plan hers. She tells me daily which friend from her class she wants to invite, reminds me that there MUST be balloons, asks for a pinata any time we’re near candy and really wants a party hat a.s.a.p. She doesn’t quite understand a “theme” so we’re going to go with birthday. Appropriate, right?? I’ve been obsessed with rainbow cake since I found this a few months ago, so I’m attempting it and I can’t wait. It’s not going to be nearly as amazing as my friend Sarah’s version, but it should still be fun.

Since Nick started walking, I feel like my life has been completely turned upside down and rearranged. When he’s awake, he doesn’t stop moving. He does something daily that completely amazes me – his sense of balance and ability to fall and keep going is unreal. He’s figured out the screen door, how to climb half-way up the slide, taken off his diaper, eat a whole lot of God-only-knows-what, figured out how to go down the stairs himself, pull the shades off the window from his crib and gotten more bumps and bruises than I can even count. He’s so unbelievably sweet and cuddly, but _OH_ those squeals of joy that can come out of my little rascal when he knows someone is on his trail and he’s getting up the stairs, has food he doesn’t want you to take or something he *knows* not to be playing with. It’s exhausting, but it’s amazing to see the little boy he’s turning into. We forget so quickly the joy that comes from watching their little personalities and quirks unfold. He’s such an incredible combination of  happiness and sweetness and pure daredevil with a whole lot of dirt thrown in. So different from his sister who is complete and utter independence, sassafrass, joyfulness and wit.

There’s so much constant motion, noise, laughs, squeals and chatter around here lately I can barely keep up. I’m loving every single second of it!

Suffice it to say, I could not agree more with this!

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  1. April 20, 2010 5:08 pm

    i LOVE the pic of nick with john in the background. you’re taking some great pictures lately!

  2. glendasikes permalink
    April 21, 2010 12:25 am

    What a fantastic swingset! And for it to be gifted from a neighbor . . . that’s just awesome.

    Great pictures; gorgeous family :).

    This is our second year to have raised beds for gardening — we didn’t have to add any dirt this spring, but the first year it seemed we were never going to get to the point of “okay, THAT is the last bag of dirt!” — it wasn’t cheap, that’s for sure, but it’s pretty darn rewarding to be walking out there this week and cutting spinach and swiss chard and lettuce :).


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