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Almost Ready

April 27, 2010

We’ve (ok, John) almost finished filling the raised beds, and for not nearly as much as we were expecting – Phew! He went to the compost park by his parents’ house and got 4 10-gallon bags, 2 of those huge plastic tubs and and old {clean} trash can full of compost and the guy looked at him and said, “Ok – Five bucks!”


(Note: I did tell him we’d need at least 10, probably 15 if he didn’t have other containers, of those bags full to fill up the boxes because I did the math and he didn’t listen. It “looked” like enough. So he has to go back this weekend for more. Just sayin’…)

So we got the compost, a $10 bale of peat moss at Home Depot(where we had a gift card) and we still need to hunt down vermiculite and we’ll be good. So far the total has been $5 out of pocket and we’ll probably spend another $5 this weekend for more compost and another $10-20 for vermiculite if we can’t hunt it down at H.D. to use more gift card. $20-30 out of pocket is not too shabby at all!

The two deeper beds still need a good bit more in them before we can plant anything, so they’ll get filled the rest of the way this weekend, then it will be planting time! Assuming nice weather, I think Mother’s Day is going to be full of a lot of digging and planting -I can’t wait! {And these are only the seeds that haven’t been opened and started and/or played with yet…

Have you ever heard the phrases, “God made dirt, so dirt won’t hurt!” or “You’ll eat a pound of dirt before you die!” I’ve heard them more than a few times in my life, but I have a funny feeling I’m going to be thinking them a whole lot more before this guy leaves for college…

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