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She Lives in La-La Land

May 24, 2010

She lives in La-La Land, my sweet girl. Right now she should be napping, but I can hear her singing and talking to herself. Some days it takes absolutely everything in me not to just yell, “BE QUIET!!!!! GO TO SLEEP!!!!” Because it’s non-stop from the second she wakes in the morning – the singing and chatting and imagining. It’s endearing and sweet and lovely, but by nap time I’m just ready for a teensy bit of quiet. I try very hard not to be that way. I know it makes me a total jerk. It makes me feel like an awful mother to let something so lovely exhaust me so.  I know that it’s her way of relaxing and calming down – being lost in her own imaginary world and it makes me tear up just thinking of how one exasperated “QUIET!!” could just squelch her sweet little spirit. It brings about a self-consciousness in her and takes away a tiny bit of her open heart and willingness to express her thoughts and dreams and imagination out loud to the world every single time – I know that. So this is me, saying it out loud to the world. I’m going to try insanely hard not to get impatient, exasperated, irritated.

Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Friends of little ones… My plea for the day: Take a deep breath and just let them chatter. Let them sing. Let them imagine. One day, we’ll wish and hope and dream and pray that we could have back these days and we will be willing to give anything to take back a second of a thought to wish to quiet their lovely noise – even just for a second.

{Meanwhile on the ranch…this sweet guy also lives in his own little world. It’s not exactly imaginary, but he is so focused on his exploration it’s unreal sometimes. This is the look I get regularly when I dare to interrupt. “What? What? What’s going on? What did I miss??”}

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  1. May 24, 2010 4:00 pm

    Ack! I can so relate to the dichotomy of wanting to always appreciate and honor that sweet voice and at the same time wishing for just a moment of peace and quiet. It’s a tough line to walk, as a Mama, isn’t it? I especially feel torn b/c I’m pretty sure that Olivia gets her incessant chattering, questioning and singing from yours truly. ;P

  2. Jen permalink
    May 24, 2010 4:29 pm

    We have had a tough day here today, so great timing for this post:) It is so hard to appreciate the “noise” of two kids somedays…and a 3 year old that doesn’t listen some days:)

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