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Confession Day

May 26, 2010

{Goofballs. This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just needed

a chuckle and felt like sharing in case anyone else needs one, too.}

Keeping it real today. My house is a wreck. Sometimes I feel like if I didn’t live near family that dropped by randomly, I might come close to being considered a hoarder. This post resonates so much for me that I have it bookmarked and sometimes I go and read it again on days I feel overwhelmed just to know that there are other people who struggle to  I don’t hoard, but I feel like our mess piles up in the same manner. I’m sick of spending my time endlessly picking up or feeling like I should be picking up so that the mess doesn’t multiply exponentially.

And the picking up is just the tip of the iceberg – it doesn’t even touch on how much I don’t clean and need to. I just found this link to “clean your house in two hours a week” and I’m so trying it (or giving up and just hiring maid service) – it’s on the calendar for tomorrow and everything! I know it’s not as much as we need, but it’s more than nothing. And let’s be honest, if I spent a bit less time with the laptop open and a bit more time picking up to get to the real cleaning, it would be a whole lot easier to keep up. My favorite recent quote,

“I spend entirely too much time online. It’s what a call a neutral addiction. It’s not hurting anyone – I’m not flying into a drunk rage or throwing my life away or getting arrested. I’m just quietly wasting lots and lots of time.” -Kristen at {RAGE against the MINIVAN} (Who, by the way, has a WHOLE lot more to be stressed about than I do right now! )

It’s 9am and I’ve already hosed down two kids – twice.

They’re also already both down for naps because they were crying and whining so much.

The humidity is going to be completely out of control today. I don’t mind heat, but the humidity in a house without an air conditioner installation is killer sometimes. I miss the Colorado dry heat.

To balance out my grumpies:

Speaking of perspective, The Pioneer Woman regularly does photography assignments with themes. They’re usually fun or capture a sentiment, but this time it’s focused on “Coming Home” – troops coming home. If you need a good cry, check out these photos. I was sobbing.

I’m thankful to live in PA and not Florida or Alabama or Mississippi right now where they might consider my complaining about “humidity” a bit laughable:)

Yesterday, the kiddos and I went out for the $1.99 breakfast special because Mia has been begging to go to a restaurant. As we were finishing up, our waitress came over and told us that she just wanted to let me know that she wouldn’t be bringing our check – one of her regular customers had taken care of it because he thought we looked like such a nice family and he was so amazed by how well my kids sat up and behaved and ate so nicely. :::cue tears:::  Literally, I had to turn my head away so that she didn’t see that my eyes were welling up.

I just made myself an amazing cup of coffee – no small task for me because I am AWFUL at making coffee and beg John to do it for me regularly because he’s so much better at getting the right scoop/water ratio.

I get to look forward to going to work tonight. I like my part-time job(most of the time – it’s retail), the people I work with, getting out of the house a bit, making some money. It’s nice to go and do something that I actually look forward to.

Last night for dessert we had strawberries with fresh whipped cream. Does it get any better than that?

Or any better than this sweet moment? I didn’t even know how much I had captured in one picture until I uploaded it and started editing. MAN, I love those two!

p.s. Sending out a special thanks to Angela and Kim for the boiling water tip on yesterday’s strawberry mess! I sprayed with stain remover and it helped a tiny bit. Then I left them sitting for a while because I forgot. Then I saw your suggestion and boiled some water and it was AMAZING – the strawberry stains literally just disappeared! I have them in the sun today as a back up measure, but I can’t find even the tiniest hint of red berry stain. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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  1. May 26, 2010 9:32 am

    cute blog… its been those kind of days around here too! i can’t seem to get ahead of myself!

  2. Andrea permalink
    May 26, 2010 2:52 pm

    I live in FL and I am laughing at the “humidity” of the Northeast. I grew up there and would willing trade! Although I’m not sure how I used to survive without an a/c. At least they don’t expect us to live without that in FL!! 🙂

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