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Popovers and Pita and Play

June 16, 2010

We decided to have an all-white-flour cooking kind of rainy day. Popovers with butter and homemade blueberry jam for breakfast. Pita pizzas for lunch (because of a little mix up where a certain little girl thought I said we were making pizza and was sorely disappointed when I said it was pita, so I quickly recovered by offering pita pizzas for lunch. I do believe that may officially make me a mom.) Then pita and veggies with lemony chickpea dip for dinner, watermelon on the side. We threw in multiple rounds of squealing and playing on the floor and in various forts and “special” spots on the floor(i.e. pillows and blankets) and the result was a day of a whole lot of smiles all around. Success!

It’s funny the things you notice as you sort through pictures from a day. Like the fact that it might seem as though I’m leaving Nick out of all of this and/or he’s absent from the pictures. He’s not. He’s just a flash in many, rolling on the floor in others and trying to eat the camera or push it out of the way to get to my face to slobber lovingly on me (not complaining on that one;) or climb on me because I’m sitting on the floor in a few more making them less-than-idea blurs for posting publicly on a blog. (Except today. Today you get to see the outtakes, 1 year old style, since I feel guilty for not posting perfectly even number of pictures of each of my children every so often lest you think I love one more than another.)

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