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A Day at the Beach and Other Random Things

June 18, 2010

Life has been feeling very full this week – I’m hoping it was the focus I needed to get myself on an upswing and stay there for a while. I know that there are incredible people in the world with the capacity to see everything beautifully by choice. I have always wished to be one of those people, but the truth is, it really is a conscious effort that people make to choose to live optimistically combined with disposition.  Most people who know me might be surprised to hear me say this. I do think that as a whole I am optimistic and that I see a great deal of beauty in the world. I think I’m a good example of someone who presents themselves well to the world out of necessity and practice and as a result of a personal need to believe that if I do that enough, I’ll begin to soak it in. People who know me deeply would heartily agree that there is a dark thread of depression that run deeply through my core. I’ve spent a lot of time fighting it and even more time hoping and praying to just make it go away. We all have our own struggles, but when I  look at my own and have to decide and compromise (because I do accept regularly that I can’t do it all), my family always comes first. When all that I have to give to the world feels limited and struggling, the energy that I can muster always goes to my family. My house is often dirty and messy beyond what most would consider acceptable(my mom especially.) But if at the end of the day we can all go to bed focused and happy to be together and I can throw on top of that taking some pictures to document our journey and getting a few things done like laundry and dishes and have fed my kids some good meals, we call it good.  And that’s about all I can ask for right now.

I don’t even know if this is all making any sense. So, I think that would all be a big old explanation/Negative Nelly/justification/rambling leading into why we are SO NEEDING VACATION!  To say that we’re a little excited for vacation around here is a bit of an understatement. We can’t wait to have time away, not worry about the house, eat some good food and not worry a ton about cooking, play in the pool and on the beach and just generally enjoy extended time together with family to recharge and refill our cups. My children have never been to the beach and John and I haven’t stepped foot on a beach in almost 5 years. Yesterday, we were driving in the car and some kids’ song came on about going to the beach and we decided that we were going to make the beach in our back yard.

We kind of reversed a beach day that ends with ice cream – we were all sorts of off with naps, so after lunch we were headed to get ice cream when the brilliant idea to have a “beach” day struck and it worked out.Strawberry ice cream, chocolate hazelnut gelato and swinging under trees does a body good.  The weather was great and everyone was awake for a few hours more than we usually have in an afternoon. So, we headed for ice cream at our favorite spot as a reward for filling up the Lovely Behaviors jar with good deeds – patience with little brother, extra special following directions, not having to be told things more than once, being kind to friends, being polite and using lots of please and thank yous.

When we got home, we filled up the baby pool for the second time that day and put together our beach. We laid out a sheet and got out the beach chair, swam(I dipped my feet), dug in the dirt/sand (I read my book), swam some more and then crashed and finally took good naps.

Coming up soon? Planning for vacation – especially plans for feeding our family without eating out a ton, with very minimal cooking and keeping it healthy. Any input is welcome!

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  1. ell.uu permalink
    June 19, 2010 1:05 am

    excellent post, excellent pictures. kudos! we have a cabana in our back yard, which is really just curtains strung all around the play structure, enclosing the bottom level in a breezy tent-like room. we love it there, and spend our days lolling about on the quilt we’ve laid down in there. it’s divine.

  2. Liz permalink
    June 21, 2010 8:34 am

    Aw, Lil, I love you.

    That lovely behaviors jar is gorgeous!!

    Re: easy meals for the beach… We always went grocery shopping first thing when we got to the beach, and it was always a nightmare. It was more expensive – b/c we were buying stuff we already had at home (seasonings, spray, etc) and b/c it just cost more at the beach. Then, it was a pain in the a** to cook everything, b/c we didn’t feel like cooking and the rental never had great pans, spatulas, etc. Plus, we always, always, always forgot something (or couldn’t find it), that would have made life easier — pam spray, salt & pepper, spices.

    So, my suggestion is to cook/prep at home and bring it with you. You can make a few batches of pancakes, and then nuke them in the mornings. Hardboiled eggs would be good for snacks and sandwiches. Pasta could be heated with sauce for dinner, or tossed with veggies & salad dressing for a cold lunch. Chopped veggies can go into omelets, salads, pasta salads. A fruit salad would be great to have on hand, too.

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