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July 5, 2010

I’m reading just under 1 million fantastic posts about the 4th of July in my Reader and loving them. Around here, though, it was a whole bunch of much-needed quiet.  My friend Cathy said to me last week, “I wonder how long it will be before vacation is more restful than exhausting?” SO TRUE. We had a fantastic time on vacation. We swam at the beach and the pool and visited Assateague(a tip for those with little ones – if you go, head to the bay side instead of the beach for water that’s only a foot deep as far as the eye can see), went to a fun park, stole a few minutes away for breakfast and lunch dates, had dinner and swam with long-time family friends while we met their adorable kids for the first time, we went to the boardwalk and ate a few ice cream cones, I drank a few gin and tonics and thoroughly enjoyed them for the first time in a looooong time. We wore ourselves out.

I now have a cold. I napped for three(yes, THREE) hours this morning. I’m relaxing with a cup of tea to keep me awake past 7pm and listening to some Mat Kearney Radio on Pandora. It’s in the 90s today and doesn’t look like it will fall below that anytime this week. The house is a wreck and we’re only about 60% unpacked, even though we swore it would all be done and put away by Saturday night when we got home.We came home to more water damage in our bathroom and work that should have been completed that isn’t.

I think I need a vacation from our vacation! This week is definitely going to be quiet and restful. But first, I want one last glimpse back at the beach…

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