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July 20, 2010

I love walking away from a weekend feeling full. It went by in a flash, but we fit so much into the time and I spend so much time feeling like I’m forever wasting time that when I don’t waste time, it feels good.

The in-laws took the kids to their house early Saturday morning so that we could get some serious stuff done around the house. Like I’ve said before, on more than one occasion, I don’t think anyone would consider me clean or neat by any stretch. But sometimes I forgot how unbelievably good it feels  to get things scrubbed down and clean and actually accomplish the things that need to get done in the intended amount of time. I also forget how much more I always manage to accomplish in a shorter amount of time on my own – there’s always a little person around a million times more important than any cleaning, organizing or general pile of stuff. I’m not blaming them, just saying that I’d rather give them my attention than basically anything else in the world. So that’s my nice way of saying – WOW – I can get a LOT done without kids around. Especially when I know that they’re happy with their grandparents having creative Christmas in July picnics at the park, complete with a Christmas tablecloth and mini Christmas tree. My in-laws are some seriously fantastic grandparents and I’m so thankful that my children have them.

After we cleaned all day, scrubbed floors and rearranged and cleaned our bedroom top to bottom, we laid down that night and John said it felt like being in a hotel. A clean room and the furniture in completely different places. I had to agree. It’s funny how you don’t even know what dirt is there. But I’m going to go ahead and post this picture publicly – this is what was under our bed when we moved it:

And even though we still need to overhaul our room, I’m going to post this picture as a before picture. we need more artwork, the room needs to be painted, furniture needs to be refinished and/or painted and we need some new bedding. But, for now, it feels like a brand new space. It feels good to walk in and breathe and know that all of that stuff is no longer under the bed.

I also managed to sneak in some time at my favorite Salvation Army. I always find the best stuff there. I left with these sweet tap shoes, new ballet shoes and some fantastic yellow rain boots(yay for things that will work for both kids!). Then I found a perfect dance recital costume at a yard sale on the way home to go with the dance shoes and she’s been living in them all ever since. All for $3 each!

We’ve got a lot going on here, so I might not be very present on here this week. We’re hammering out details of me potentially going back to work and all of my emotional struggles that go along with the decision. Here’s to a fantastic week everyone!

{Linking this post to Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality! Head over to see lots more fun finds!}

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