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A Little Bit of This and That

September 2, 2010

:: The August Break was fantastic. Just what I needed as we transitioned into me going back to work more – about 30 hrs a week right now with all hours in the evening/weekends. It’s exhausting to get used to, but it makes me appreciate all of the different ways we all figure out to make things work for our families. This is giving me the time with my little ones during the day and keeping them with family when we need the help to cover our overlapping schedules a couple of days a week. It’s making me ache for more time with my husband, especially since I’m missing even just our evening of sitting on the couch together after the kids are in bed. I normally complain about him laying on the couch watching tv while I sit in front of a computer, but with us having 2-3 nights a week now that I’m home in the evening, at least one of two of those including errands, house projects, small grocery shopping(I’m getting better about managing that one and making these trips less frequent) or just spending time with friends without kids, it leaves 1-2 night for us to just sit and relax.

::I love hand-me-down toys so much. Especially toys given because they’ve been so loved and outgrown and they need some new littles to love them. I love knowing that someone had these special toys stored away because they couldn’t bear the thought of part with something that was so dear to their little one’s heart, but giving those toys to more children(ours) who could have fun made it easier to swallow the lump in their throat as they were handed off.

::I’ve officially changed my budget category for “kids clothes/activities” to “thrifting.” Seriously. I’m completely done with buying anything new for my kids. We find so many great deals at consignment stores and at our Salvation Army and Goodwill. This week I found a brand new wooden doll cradle. I was tempted to save it for Christmas, but I didn’t. I think I am going to start making some regular trips, though, with a list in my head of things to get for Christmas – an easel and small containers to create a pouring center like these is on my current list.

::I’m head over heels in love with Another Lunch. I love all of the pictures and great ideas for fun lunches and I especially love her suggestions for so many fun tools – the little silicone cups, the mini cookie cutters. My favorites – the sandwich cutters and the egg molds.

::I called and canceled our cable today which means no more tv unless we watch on the computer. John is kind of bummed about it, but I can honestly say that I don’t care at all. Maybe because most of my zoned out/wasted time happens on the computer, but I’m still looking forward to no more tv around here.

::Rhythm of the Home for Autumn is here – don’t miss the goodness!

::I’ve officially started a yearlong photography project as of Sept. 1st. In case you haven’t heard of them (I think I may have been the last on earth, so I just assume everyone else has been there and done that!), it’s a project where I take at least one picture per day for 365 days straight – for better or for worse.  If you want to follow along, here’s a link to my daily pictures and I’m going to add one on the sidebar, too. I’m not entirely sure what my goals will be for my project beyond taking at least one picture daily for 365 days and I’m adding in 50 words or less related to my day. I’ve been really lax over the summer about all of the learning I want to do related to photography, so I’m looking forward to jumping back in and expanding my knowledge bit by bit. If you want to join in, let me know!

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