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Getting Back to Normal

January 10, 2011

Preface: This post is going to be all sorts of crazy all over the place. I haven’t been writing a ton lately on here and it feels like a good day to do a bit of writing/chatting.

::After a solid two weeks of John at home on vacation and holidays and visiting and friends in town, we were so ready for a big old exhale this past week. It has felt so good to just get back to our normal routine and to jump back into projects feeling motivated and having a tiny bit more time again to accomplish things. I’ve started a big list knowing full well that I won’t accomplish all of it, but that isn’t really the intent. It’s just nice to start a new season fresh with motivation and projects – even accomplishing just one always feels good. Plus, it’s amazing how accomplishing one small project at a time adds up. I feel like I spend so much time starting something like getting kids’ clothes that are too small out of drawers and closets, only to stop in the middle for lunch or diaper changes or book reading or playing on the floor, leaving a pile in the middle of my room or stacked on a dresser that just gets transferred to a basket and moved around until it’s thrown somewhere and finally put back into the drawers…wash, rinse, repeat.

::I’ve been waiting for almost a year after seeing this post at Southern Hospitality to have a reason to go to Hobby Lobby for their knobs and pulls and I finally made the trek. Our closest store is about 40 minutes away, so I needed a good reason(rather than just going to peruse and waste money like I’d normally do), so the kitchen project was the perfect excuse.

I went and surprised myself. All of those fun and fancy knobs and at the end of the day, I came home with one knob for our pantry doors and decided that the rest were a bit much for the kitchen. I flipped through my inspiration folder to re-visit the looks I really loved and decided to just stick with what we already have. Boring, yes. But I like the look and it’ll save money to re-allocate to somewhere else in the kitchen when we inevitably need something. Also, I’ll just go ahead and admit out loud that my favorite part of going was having an excuse to spend an hour and a half in the car all alone. That was delightful.

::In another version of “getting back to normal,” do you ever just stop and realize that you really are just fine? It takes weeks like these sometimes to do that for me. I know a normal person takes for granted stuff like washing dishes as you use them and sweeping and vacuuming daily and keeping up with laundry, let alone getting to actual projects and finishing them sometime in this lifetime. I never seem to find a balance. Times like now when I feel motivated and as though I’m somewhat keeping up with things(i.e. I wouldn’t be completely embarrassed if you knocked on my front door at any given time), I feel like I overcompensate and try to do so darn much to make up for the times when I accomplish nothing that there’s no realistic balance. So I’m trying really hard not to do that. I’m doing one thing at a time and enjoying that. Making a list so that I don’t forget things, then putting it aside until I’m  ready for my next project.

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  1. January 10, 2011 3:27 pm

    I have been to Hobby Lobby a lot and never been in that aisle! I think I better take a closer look!

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