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Winter Wonderland on a Wednesday

January 26, 2011

I’m getting hard-pressed for post titles lately. Sorry about that. Also, just for the record, in case anyone wants to join the fun – because I’m on the dinosaur computer right now(laptop is on the fritz, along with my Lightroom for now) I can’t really edit photos much, so almost everything is SOOC. I can do a tiny bit in Picasa, but I’m worried that the images I see on here don’t translate right to other computers and that I’ll make them look all weird to everyone else. So I’ve filled a bit of light and highlights in a few photos and called it a day on editing. It feels good. Really, really good. Just in case anyone else wants to join the fun!

From the front door this morning:

I love a good snow day. I love the cozy and the quiet blanket that falls on everything. I love the slowing down for everyone. We got snow this morning and we have another storm coming later this afternoon. I don’t have to work bcause of the snow and I have off the next two days anyway, so that means 3 days to stay home and do what I need to do – it feels like a mini vacation!

We spent the early morning making rainbow cupcakes for birthdays at work. White box cake mix fixed per the box, a box of lemon pudding, lemon zest and lemon juice.  Plus, lemon buttercream to.die.for. Not the prettiest, but pretty is a lot of work and I care more abut the taste. I leave the pretty AND yummy to Sarah.

While the cupcakes were cooling, we decided to shake off some pent up energy(especially in one little boy who was getting into everything) by going out for a walk.

The walk turned more into just playing outside in pajamas and rain boots, but everyone was happy. I like when that happens.

We followed up the playing with hot cocoa and naps and I think I just might join them for a little snooze today – that’s if I don’t make a cup of tea and curl up with a book for a bit.

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  1. January 26, 2011 1:56 pm

    It’s snowing a ton here too. Looks like the kiddos had a good time. Those cupcakes look delicious. Their so bright which is perfect for days like this!

    • Lillian permalink*
      January 26, 2011 2:01 pm

      Funny, I just looked at the date from the original rainbow cake post I did and it’s from February last year. Must be something about winter and needing that kick of vibrancy in the day:) Enjoy your snow, too! And take a picture of your pretty street – you need to do a post of your pretty street through the seasons or something!

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