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Thankful For Sickness

February 28, 2011

I spent the weekend sick. Just a cold, but one that knocked me out – stuffy, coughing, fever, exhaustion that sits on your chest and shoulders.

I was thankful for it. We all rested and needed it. The kids had a sleepover with grandparents and we had a  relaxing date of dinner out and a movie at home. I got to sleep in (until 7:15am – wahoo!). We spent Sunday going to breakfast, taking early naps, playing outside in the sunshine, starting some seeds and getting my hands dirty, noticing buds on trees and flowers starting to emerge, nachos for dinner and The Oscars. Just what we were needing.

Spring just makes the world feel so hopeful, doesn’t it??

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  1. February 28, 2011 2:05 pm

    The photo of Mia in the swing — hair flying in the sunshine – is so lovely! I am writing this staring out the window into an Rocky Mt. blizzard, (on vacation in Alberta) so those green shoots and buds look especially lovely.

    Being sick is your body’s way to remind us — we are not robots. We need to sloooooow down. Hope you are feeling better.

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