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Chocolate Dipped Peeps

March 23, 2011

There are two camps when it comes to Easter candy: Those Who Love Peeps and Those Who Don’t.  I am firmly in the LOVE group, especially if they’re a few weeks stale.  In the past couple of weeks as I’ve walked around our Farmer’s Markets, all of the “treat” stands seem to  have taken the deliciousness one step further – chocolate dipped.  I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $1+ for one or two little Peeps, but I also couldn’t stop thinking about those cute little blobs of delicious.  Plus, I was honestly really curious about how the combo would taste.  So I decided to make them myself.  I wanted to make them even prettier with some sort of pastel sprinkles, but that would have involved ordering and waiting a few days or making another trek out after the kids got up from naps and I wanted to do the project today. So I dipped a few in the mini chocolate chips we had, a few in the rainbow nonpareils that I already had, then just skipped it all together and kept it simple with the Peeps and chocolate. Verdict? DELICIOUS. Sold. Make these. Give them away. If you’re in the Loving Peeps camp with me, you’ll love them.

You Need:

-20 Peeps

-1 12 oz. bag of Chocolate chips(or the wafers that melt for candy)

-A double boiler

-Any sprinkles or other adornments you want to dip them in after the chocolate

-A tray covered in a sheet of wax or parchment paper (I used aluminum foil, but that’s only because I realized I was out of wax and parchment paper)


1. Start your water boiling in your double boiler.  If you don’t have one, you can create one by placing a heat-safe bowl on top of a pot with one or two inches of boiling water, making sure that the bottom of the bowl isn’t actually touching the water.

2. Get everything else prepped while the water is starting to boil. You’ll have to work quickly when you have the chocolate melting, so you’ll want to make sure you have everything else ready to go.  Break apart all of the Peeps and lay the out individually on your covered tray. Get out bowls or plates and lay out the sprinkles so that they’re ready for dipping.

3. When the water is boiling in the pot, place the heat-safe bowl on top and add in half of the bag of chocolate chips. Stir frequently until all chocolate chips are melted.

4. When the chips are all melted, dip one Peep at a time in the chocolate, covering as much of the surface as you’d like. Work quickly and use a spoon or spatula to keep stirring the chocolate and to wipe excess chocolate from the Peeps so that the marshmallow does not melt.

5. If you’re adding sprinkles, immediately dip the chocolate dipped Peeps in the sprinkles.

6. Place the chocolate dipped Peep on the covered tray.

7. Repeat until all Peeps are covered. If you like them to be very covered, you may need to add some extra chocolate chips into the melted chocolate half way through the dipping process to make sure there is enough.

8. When all Peeps are dipped, place the tray in the refrigerator to cool and harden.

9. After hardened, eat, repackage and give away and enjoy!


p.s. A note – The Peeps bunnies are also really cute and I think they’d probably be a bit easier to dip because of their shape.

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  1. Molly permalink
    March 23, 2011 11:38 am

    That is just wrong… they look WAY too good AND it would be very easy to make them ‘dairy free’!

    I know what we’ll be having in our baskets!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. March 23, 2011 11:57 am

    My friend raved about these not long ago. I myself am not a huge peep fan, but maybe I will have to try them this way this year. The gingerbread peep men they come out with for christmas are the only kind I actually like. Hmmmm maybe I should do chocolate and some PB chips….. I shall go contemplate this.

  3. seekingsibling permalink
    March 23, 2011 9:34 pm

    I’m going to have to try this!

    As an aside, the best Easter present I ever got was some stale Halloween peeps from my Dad 🙂

  4. March 23, 2011 10:44 pm

    I am in the LOVE camp! Sign me up!

  5. Kim M permalink
    March 24, 2011 3:19 pm

    Oh so hungry for chocolate-dipped peeps right now….

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