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Say Hello to My Leetle Friend

April 18, 2011

It just occurred to me that I’ve scored 3 different serious vintage pieces of awesome in the past week-ish.  And only paid for one! I get borderline obsessed about this stuff.  Do you know that feeling? I get something new and think of all of the things I’m going to do and my heart starts racing a little.

I realized recently that in my “grown up” life I try to suppress those feelings.  Somehow it has seemed over the past few years like negative, manic energy and maybe it is. But, driving one night last  week, I was thinking about it after obsessively stopping after work at almost 10pm to pick up a roll of film because I just couldn’t wait until the next morning.

This is what it feels like to be giddy. AND IT’S OK.

Goofy revelation? Perhaps? But isn’t it amazing how we change the ways we allow ourselves to feel? Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost serious touch with how it feels to be giddy, seriously excited and passionate about things I care about. Why do these more extreme emotions feel so off-limits to us as adults? Why do we squelch spirits of little ones by telling them to, “relax,” “calm down,” “Take it down a notch,” when they are so excited, joyful, thrilled about something that they are literally bursting with energy.

So, all of this to say, I’m giddy about these photos.  They might not look like the most incredible photos ever, but that’s not the point.  It’s the first roll I shot on my new camera – $22 + shipping on ebay. It’s also the first roll I’ve ever shot using a hand-held light meter. AND THEY ACTUALLY TURNED OUT. When I went to pick them up, I thought for sure that they’d tell me that none of the pictures turned out – all over or underexposed so terribly that there wasn’t even anything to see. There was!

I converted two of the photos to black and white in Lightroom just to see how it would work(I get the film developed and skip the prints and just  get a disk of digital files, just in case anyone else is thinking about film and curious.) That took about 2 seconds using a black and white preset and the rest took no time.

I’m seriously loving film right now. Load Roll + Take Pictures + Drop Off or Mail to process = DONE. Less time sitting at a computer editing makes me happy. Taking less pictures to sort through makes me happy. Focusing more on what shots I want to get and learning enough to start to feel confident that this might actually work makes me happy. All around goodness.

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  1. April 19, 2011 9:41 am

    Lillian, I’m really impressed that your using film. I miss film so much. You’re definitely inspiring me. Lovely photos as usual. I love the laundry in the sun

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