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My Favorite Part of the 4th Celebrations

July 6, 2011

My favorite part of the 4th: Sitting in the grass with my sleepy girl in my lap watching fireworks for the first time.  Her favorite part? McFlurry treats and getting to sit in the front seat of the car while we waited.

This weekend: We saw The Little Mermaid as a play and had a breakfast date to accompany.  TWO dates with just grownups – heaven, especially the one after me working and him working like crazy to finish the patio – exhausted and hungry and sitting outside late at night, the only ones left on the restaurant patio, with the kids having a sleepover with grandparents.  Lazy afternoon family naps.  Cornstarch sidewalk paint(more details in another post – this was so fun!) Friends over for a BBQ and just relaxing on the finally-finished new patio.  Steak on the grill and roasted beets and potatoes and Heartland Wedges, blueberries and watermelon for dessert.  More BBQ with family. Gardening and watering and cleaning up the masses of tomato plants and corn almost as tall as a grown man and pumpkins attacking everything in sight.

I’m heading back to/sticking with May’s loose break style of posting for a bit. A photo or two and a few words for the day to keep posting rather than just stop like I (seemingly) came close to doing in June. Maybe a few normal posts throw in for good measure, but not the norm. Anyone else with me on that for the summer? A mini  summertime daily photo challenge of just one photo a day for a month(ish) straight?

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