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The November Garden

November 3, 2011

Snow last weekend managed to kill almost everything left in the garden. Almost.  When I went out to take some last pictures before we start putting it to bed, I realized that we still had carrots left that I had forgotten – yay! We also still have tons of herbs that I didn’t even realize were still alive. I planted them all individually since I didn’t have room for them at the beginning of the season, so they’re still all in pots that I think I will just bring inside to try to keep them going. They got lost amongst the nasturtium that took off like wildfire in the past month – a sweet surprise as everything else was one their last leg(and you can see a lot of their remnants in these pictures after the snow squashed them flat.)

Honestly, the garden was a bust this year. Between my work schedule and some major busts in planting and the learning curve of it only being my second ear gardening at all and a ton of rain and crazy heat at different points…it just never felt like it was in full swing. Certain things did well (beets, lettuces, peppers, carrots) and others just never quite got off the ground(the tomatoes were awful, beans, corn, melons, cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries, onions.)

The beauty of the garden – there’s always next year! A fresh clean slate to plan and order and be excited to grow again. I have big plans for a lot more flowers next year along with a few less attempts at lots of thing. More fine tuning of the things we really eat and more pretty to enjoy.

Any other November gardens out there still? How was yours this year? Any big plans for next year?

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