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5 Minute Nap

January 10, 2012

Saturday afternoon. I get home, coming from work and a late lunch date with John.
(Thai – so delicious!)
They run to greet me at the door, noses pressed against the cool glass.
We sit and talk with my mom for a bit.
I feel Mia’s head and the warmth and hear her cough, know she’s getting sick.
Calculate in my head what we have going on the next few days that we can miss since we’ll all be sick.

Time with cousins visitng from across the country – we’re going to have to figure that one out.
She sniffles and coughs again.
Mom leaves.
We all tromp up the stairs and I change – into yoga pants, (what else?)
I give hugs and kisses and ask for 10 quiet minutes to myself to lay down.
They stomp down the stairs.
Guitar strumming.
Something shaking – I figure out that it’s glass beads in the light box bin.
Sirens from a fire engine.
Dishes clank while John is washing.
He yells NO.
I roll over and pull the blankets tighter around my shoulders.
Fighting over a toy.
I stare at the wall, glad for 10 more minutes of not dealing with it all.
Time out threats from john.
Quiet for 15 seconds.

I close my eyes.
Feet stomp up the stairs.
The bathroom door squeaks open, slams shut.
From downstairs, “Miiiiiiiiiiia. Miiiiiiiia, w’are you?”
From in the bathroom, “In the bafroom nick! I need my pribacy!”
Quiet for minute. The bathroom door opens again.
From me, “Mia don’t forget to flush. And your hands!”
“Uh oh, I forgot.”
My feet hit the floor.
It’s futile.
I put on a hoodie and head downstairs.
Like I’m just getting home again, but I feel ready now.


Even loud and frenzied, sometimes I just need 10 minutes alone to recharge. To listen to them all, removed from the situation.  I’ve been trying to nap, or at least quietly rest, much more regularly.  I laid in bed during this “nap,” thinking of how much happens in a span of 5 or 10 minutes. How much we take for granted in each of our days – at home, at work, out in the world. It was nice, just to stop and notice – listen to their sounds and appreciate the pace of my days, even just an ordinary day at home. Especially an ordinary day at home – these are the bits I want to remember long after these days are gone.

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  1. January 10, 2012 12:01 pm

    You’ll remember them in your writing… later it will be trying to stay awake at midnight+ to make sure they are in… in one piece. 🙂 Sweet moments. Oh how I miss them.

  2. January 10, 2012 3:31 pm

    this post made me so happy teary. it’s life at it’s most honest.

  3. January 11, 2012 1:08 am

    wow- so well written. I could have written it in theory, I suppose,mbut you did it so well.
    I always say that it’s only 10 minutes that I need to get my break. I don’t need a day or even an hour most usually. Nor do I want it. But darn it but that 10 minutes is hard to get sometimes. And beautifully said that when we are present, so much does happen inside every moment. As a previous commenter said, we will miss it someday in a sense- though there will be new fantastic experiences to fulfill our sleeplessness.

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