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Quiet Activities With Sick Kids

January 14, 2012

I’m going to start this post by telling you that today was Day 4 7 of being home with sick kids. I started this post on Wednesday night and didn’t get back to it until today(Saturday.) When I said on Monday that we were all down for the count, I didn’t realize just how down we’d be. We ventured out once to go to the park with cousins and it was not at all our best idea ever.  It took until Friday, a round of fevers and what we thought were fever rashes because of coughing and stuffy noses, an awful sore throat for me and the feeling by Thursday night and Friday morning that I had been hit by a truck to drag myself to the doctor. We thought we were fighting colds, but it turned out to be Strep/Scarlet Fever for the whole lot of us combined with an awful cold full of a crazy cough and stuffy noses. Good times.

It.just.wouldn’t.stop. Still hasn’t entirely, but we’re all feeling better and on the upswing today for a change, but the combo of the cold is just kicking us all in the you-know-what. I finally decided to sneak out today while everyone else was sleeping to type and blog and have some tea and it feels good just to have the energy to want to be out right now.

Days 1-3 were filled with tv. And movies. Specifically, 500,000 episodes of Busytown, followed by a few more with a sprinkling of the PBS Kids lineup(because it’s the only station we have with kid shows, so we supplement with Netflix) – Clifford, Calliou, Arthur and Curious George.

I decided on Day 4 that the day was not going to be filled with zombie kids staring at screens. I couldn’t take it anymore. And they seemed to at least have enough energy to do something other than lay on a couch under a quilt. So, I thought I’d do you all a favor going into more winter and more sickness all around and share some of these not-requiring-much-energy ideas for kids who are home sick, but not completely down and out.

These activities are seriously in the category of simple. Just a warning. Some are no-brainers, but I’m including them for you in case you also have the sickness and don’t want to think. I’m not claiming that this is a Mega-Super-Awesome-Crafty-Super-Blogger-Mom List.  At all.  Just sharing a few ideas that got us through the days this week and left little to nothing as an aftermath for me to cleanup.

Stuff To Do With Sick Kids Home For Days On End:

-Get outside for 5 minutes of fresh air and sprinkle birdseed or fill bird feeders.

-Take all of the blankets off the beds and hang them outside to air out. Open the windows if it’s nice enough, too, to air out some rooms.

-Wash the heck out of all of the sheets and pillowcases currently on beds. Play parachutes with the sheets before you put them in the wash, please:)

-Listen to audio books – here and here had some great options for free. I’ve also seen/heard really great reviews of Sparkle Stories.

-Fill up the bathroom with steam(I actually got a shower!) and let them draw in the condensation on the windows and mirrors. This took up so much more time than I expected – well worth the wasted water for a day.

-Take an extra long bubble bath or shower and add in some oils like eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender to help them breathe more clearly. (I wish we could do the bath part of this one – we don’t actually have a bathtub, just a shower. It was on our list to head to my parents’ for a bath but we didn’t even feel up to that.)

-Make a blanket fort and snuggle in with a big stack of books.

-Have a tea party. Or, if you’re us, multiple tea parties.

-Grab a stack of books and read away, snuggled in bed(or your fort.) Ask bigger kids to read, too, or non-readers to create stories about the pictures for siblings if your voice/throat can’t handle 15 books in a row.

-Lay on the floor and build with blocks.

-Put out a big sheet and let them scoop beans and rainbow rice into different containers.

-Give them a big stack of magazines and a pair of scissors.

-Get out a big roll of paper or stack of plain paper and lots of crayons, markers and colored pencils.  Trace their body and let them decorate it. Draw pictures of each other, your house, anything that keeps them happy and occupied! (I’m not going to lie – I stayed away from paint. Even the cleanup from that just felt like too much.)

-Let bigger kids get a simple meal ready – pour water(easy cleanup if it spills), get some fruit and crackers and pre-sliced cheese onto plates for everyone. Or cereal. Or graham cracker or bread with some peanut butter. Or popsicles.

When it came down to it, we definitely had the tv on a lot (a LOT) more than normal this week.  I’m 100% fine with that – please don’t take this post as a way to make you (or me) feel guilty for kids watching tv while we’re all home sick! Just wanted to share a few ideas for doing something else a little easy and quiet while everyone is working on getting better.

Any suggestions to add to the list? I know there will be more sickness going around, so I’d love to share and have more ideas to add to the bag of tricks!

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  1. January 14, 2012 5:13 pm

    Oh my… sounds like a rough week. These are great ideas. It is bitterly cold outside and we have been stuck inside. Going stir crazy. Going to break out the sheet and beans after dinner.

    • Lillian permalink*
      January 15, 2012 8:06 pm

      The sheet is a life saver! Stay warm:)

  2. January 15, 2012 7:03 pm

    oh goodness, i’m so sorry you guys had to live through that. oof. hope you continue to get better!! take care …

  3. January 16, 2012 12:47 am

    get better soon!!!

  4. January 16, 2012 7:45 am

    I’ve been through pretty much the same experience last week and I must say that your ideas are great and i followed them intuitively!


  5. January 16, 2012 2:15 pm

    UGGHHHHHHHHHH! Feel better Lilliam. This time of year is just brutal. Glad you are all on the upswing.

    I put a HEX on your germs!!!

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