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February 14, 2012

Every morning, they come bouncing into my bed while John is getting ready for work at approximately 5:50am. Maybe 6am(if I’m lucky.)  They lay next to me, on me, fight over who gets to be right next to me in the good spot in the middle and take turns trying to convince me to move over and squeeze into the sliver of a spot between me and the edge of the bed to get a spot in the crook of my other arm. They(mostly he) come in and out, alternating laying there and reading books and playing in their room until I usually get up around 6:30, usually with her laying most of the time and talking to me through half-open eyes while he runs in and out like a wild man.

This morning she couldn’t contain her excitement. I assumed it was because of Valentine’s Day. Until she said, “Remember last year on Valentine’s Day how we went downstairs and someone left us a secret surprise of a heart marshmallow and decorations and a heart plate and a cookie cutter??? I can’t wait to see what our surprise is this year!”


  1. How did she remember every detailed bit??
  2. I forget how much that little stuff means to them.
  3. I know I’m encouraging long-term expectations, but she was so excited that I couldn’t help but search my mind for ways I could do something this morning.

So, I did what any normal person would do – I asked my kids to go away for a minute and picked up my phone to call my husband downstairs, trying to be sneaky.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO CALL ME? DO YOU NEED SOMETHING?” He hangs up the phone without even answering and yells up the stairs.

Um, discreet, man, DISCREET! “YES! ANSWER YOUR PHONE!”

I call again. He picks up, “What the heck? Do you need something?”

“Yes, that’s why I’m calling! I was trying to be quiet!” (I was also still laying in bed.) “Mia remembered treats from last year. She’s super excited to see her special surprise this year. Can you please put out a plate with a cookie and cut out some paper hearts really fast before you leave so they don’t see me go downstairs??”

And he did. No questions asked. He just did it. Cut out paper hearts for his kids and left them messages in the dark before he left for work. I love that guy. And they were happy as could be over a cookie from a box on a plate and a cutout paper heart with their names on them. Eggs-in-a-hole with a heart cookie cutter for breakfast. Heading out to buy a gift certificate for coffee for Daddy. Excitement visible in their jumping bodies at the promise that I will take them to the gross McDonald’s play area as a special date this morning.  A promise to make more cut out hearts later. Gran and Pops coming over later to babysit.

It doesn’t take much, you know? Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you enjoy lots of special little things today:)


p.s. If you’re local, make sure you head over to the photography blog to enter for a chance to win a free photo session to celebrate LOVE for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. February 14, 2012 8:00 pm

    What an awesome dad! I’m always amazed at children’s memories!

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