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On a Date With a Little Guy

February 20, 2012

Every so often, Mia gets to stay at school for lunch at school and Nick and I get 4 hours together in the morning, so Friday we decided to have a date. It may have included errand running, but it also included playing at the park and lunch together and it’s amazing how an errand can be turned into a fun date when presented in a certain manner to an almost-3-year-old. The bank, returning redbox movies, Salvation Army, the toy store for a birthday present, the park and some lunch. Just barely warm enough to think we could go without coats – we shivered, but it was worth it to feel free of our coats.

I sometimes think about days like these and wonder how much we’ll both remember. I know we’ll forget all of the little details, but I wonder if he’ll ever remember sitting in that diner booth and wonder where we were in that memory in his head? If I’ll remember how little he was getting up on his knees to reach his straw and how I took his drink away because he broke the lid and came way too close to spilling one too many times.

I know I can’t remember all of the moments that I want to freeze with them.  I remember thinking it so often when they were tiny babies.  I’d stop and close my eyes and tell myself to remember this moment with them because they’d never be so small again. I’d breathe in their baby neck smell and snuggle them close in the middle of the night when it was only us awake. I know I can’t remember it all, but through doing this regularly a different kind of thought sticks with me.  I know that even if I don’t remember, I still spent those moments stopping and giving them my attention and appreciating the moments.  Even if I don’t remember each individual one, I was present. And that matters.

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  1. becky permalink
    February 27, 2012 10:28 pm

    aww what fun! he is so adorable!

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