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April 3, 2012

The links have been stacking up. As I read blog posts in my google reader, I star the posts I really like or want to share, then share every so often. So I guess I haven’t shared in a bit? Or maybe there have just been a lot of great posts lately?? Either way, I have a backlog so I’m sharing a ton today! I figured it was fitting to share all of the random photos I haven’t managed to blog while I was sharing random links. It’s that sort of all-over-the-place kind of day around here.

15 Spring Activities For Kids

-This English Muffin Bread is on my list – SOON.

Learning to Say I’m Sorry – this really hit home with me on just the right day.

– Sometime I have to catch my breath because her writing is so real and honest.

Saag Paneer – on the meal list in the next weekish. Can’t wait! (also, I finally got her cookbook after dreaming about it and hearing about it in about 5 million different places. It SO did not disappoint – if you’ve been considering, do it! I want to make every single recipe.)

A Daily Uniform – I’m working on mine for the summer, are you? It really does simplify things.

– A great, easy tutorial on getting portraits of your kids inside(hint: have them face a window!)

How to have awesome bangs.  Mine have been side swept for a while and I’m considering jumping back into a legit bang…

5 Healthy Dips that Qualify as Lunch – YUM.

These are too beautiful to not share.

Family Album Design Tips – if you’ve been thinking about making a photo book with all of your family photos, check out this post first!

-It’s not really a secret that I’m head-over-heels in love with film at this point. 90% of what you see on this blog is film now.  Heidi Murphy, though? She takes it to an entirely different level. She’s UNREAL. Seriously, her work is lovely beyond lovely – if you like beautiful food and lifestyle images, you need to start following her!

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