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Really Random Bits and Pieces

May 15, 2012









It’s the official first day of summer vacation today and I was totally that mom this morning at the grocery store. Kids screaming in the aisles, mom barking at the kids to knock it off, dropping everything to run to the potty only to have him pee all over his pants anyway because he want some “pribacy” and didn’t pull his pants all the way down, getting to the checkout only to realize that my wallet was still in the car, old lady behind me shaking her head and making loud huffing and tsking noises, getting back to the checkout with my wallet and 10 seconds later Nick lets out a massive shriek because he sat on the window ledge and sat ON a piece of glass…it was a good one.  Got home, kids are wild, we eat lunch and head to naps early and no one will for what feels like I’m kind of done with today.

Thankfully, though, they’re asleep.  Resting quietly for a tiny bit and I need it as much as they do.  I yelled. Took stuff away. It was a hot mess. We had all sort of fun planned, but sometimes it all needs to be put on a shelf for another day and I’m completely fine with that.

Some love for today to balance out the general grumpiness around here:

-All of the images above via Instagram. Maybe it’s getting old at this point that I keep defaulting to sharing them? It’s just so easy and I love them! Are you on there? Find me, I’d love to see you! @lillianranauro  Also – I got a bunch of my Instagram photos printed the other day and I love them so much.  I even showed my mom and she was all funny about how nostalgic they were because of the borders and the square format – that made me laugh. (She also made some smarta$$ comments about how it was “creepy” that I took pictures of my sleeping kids and how, “Oh, yeah, your kids will have pictures when they grow up! They’ll say, ‘oh look! I have  pictures of my mom’s feet!'”  but it kind of comes with the territory;)  I used Instaport to download all of the images, then uploaded to have them printed locally.  I checked my favorite local lab (a drugstore,  they do a great job and develop all of my film for personal work) and they had an option of 4″ x 4″ prints, so I went with those and it was perfect. It was easy and I’m glad I made the prints – they were so fun to see and hold outside of a phone!

– If you need some garden inspiration, you have to check out Diggin’ Food. So much great stuff there! I just found it via a link on Pinterest and I feel like I’ve been spending every night digging through everything on the site.

– If you aren’t living under a rock, you’ve probably had a conversation with at least one person about the recent TIME magazine article.  This article by Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan struck a much more important chord with me:

When it comes to issues of motherhood, there is one issue I care about: some kids don’t have one. All of these petty wars about the choices of capable, loving mothers is just a lot of white noise to me, Quite honestly, I’m often astonished at the non-essential parenting issues I see moms getting upset about. Particularly when there are so many kids in this world not being parented at all.

– Have you seen Jenny’s Sketchbook? A-MAZ-ING!  I just cleared out my Google Reader and got rid of a good 150 blogs so that I’d stop distracting myself with blogs all the time and/or not get to reading the blogs I really love.  This one is definitely added in there anyway!

– I KNOW you want to make pesto with the basil that’s growing outside your back door right now!

– We didn’t think we’d be able to do a vacation this summer, but John’s co-worker is renting out their cabin near a lake about 2 hours away for next to nothing and we went for it.  Our first real family vacation with just the 4 of us – I can’t wait!

What’s new with you? Are you ready for summer? Kids getting antsy? Are you itching for some time off from work? Getting your hands in the dirt and planting your garden?

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  1. May 15, 2012 5:02 pm

    Like the old lady in the grocery store was never a kid herself. Sure may or may not have been a mom but I know she was a kid! Still as a mom it’s great when they settle in for naps after a day like that. WHEW!

    Love the Lilly of the Valley photo that’s my birth flower.

  2. May 17, 2012 8:56 pm

    thank you so much for sharing the love re: Jenny’s Sketchbook! 🙂 so glad that I bumped into your blog too! loving all of your happy photos here.

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