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Cherry Picking

June 18, 2012

Honesty today. Things I’d rather do than blog right now:

-Pick cherries

-Pick any berries and read this and this with my kids.

-Read a book from my massively growing list. Right now – Prodigal Summer (Again. I read it every single summer.), Still Alice, Left Neglected, Last Child in the Woods (again), Bossypants, Strength in What Remains

-Figure out why a whole lot of plants aren’t growing in our garden (thanks, rabbits and squirrels and birds) and read about it with this book with my kids.

-Re-plant more plants and seeds.

-Cook. So many new things and so many attempts at homemade.

-Stress, mostly about money. (Did I tell you guys that I lost my job in March? I can’t remember. Just in case: I lost my job in March.) We’re trying, but things are different and growing a photography business is slow, even with massive amounts of work late into the evenings and on weekend and in bits and pieces during the day when I can snag or create pockets of time.

-Spend time with my husband talking about how we feel stressed and balancing it with conversations about how we’re thankful that this is our stress and how if it wasn’t this it would be something else and we can handle this right now.

-Hang out with friends.

Instagram. If I didn’t love this blog a whole lot, I might consider breaking up with it for Instagram.


-Explore in the woods


-Do anything with windows open

What are you loving right now??

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  1. June 18, 2012 9:20 am

    Oh – Still Alice and Left Neglected are excellent books. Read them both in a day!

    Those cherries made my mouth WATER.

    I could literally spend every summer day at the pool until closing time. Every,

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