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Ruminating about Jumping Ship

September 16, 2012

(his first day of school)

I’m thinking of being done with this blog.  I hesitate as I look back through old posts and think of how much is here, but it’s just never felt quite cohesive enough for me.  I don’t mean that I’ll quitting blogging, but the title of this blog has always bugged me.  I want to start fresh.

I started this blog with the intention of it being a minimalist/simplicity/organizing blog that was private from family and friends and now it’s “public” and it’s clearly gotten way off that path and now the title just seems…I don’t know. Pretentious? Silly? Eye-roll worthy? Quaint?  It’s not that it isn’t relevant, but it just seems strange.  I look around my house and, for the most part, we’ve parted ways with more stuff that I can even begin to tell you.  The basement is still less-than-stellar, but as a whole we have less stuff than anyone I know.  We live in a two bedroom house.  We don’t have much furniture.  We have given more away than I’d like to admit we had in the first place.  I’ve manged to buy 90% of my kids’ clothes used in the past couple of years (a far cry from the days when Mia was a baby and we wandered the mall buying her clothes to eat up time.)  I mostly wore the same 4 t-shirts and one pair of jeans all summer just to see if I could do it, thanks to 7, and it just occurred to me this week as I started evaluating my cool-weather wardrobe week that it’s 4 months later and I’m still alive and just fine and I completely forgot about it and I don’t think any of my friends even noticed(or at least cared!) I’m not joking when I say that all of the clothes I own fit loosely on a  two foot bar in my closet and one dresser drawer. I’ve almost completely cut out the trips to Target or thrift stores unless I’m shopping for something specific (I still haven’t found good rugs 3.5 years later, so our house is kind of loud with all hardwood floors and only two area rugs to be found.) We’ve payed off a whole lot of debt while trying to make ends meet and find ways to make money with me still being at home most of the time and not pay for two kids in full-time daycare.  I’m planning to spend October again clearing all sorts of extra stuff out of this house and getting a lot of holiday planning done so that we can enjoy the holidays with togetherness and fun for the kids and not just a big ball of stress for the adults.

All of this to say that I(we)’ve accomplished so much of what I started this blog for, but in the process I’ve barely talked about that stuff and talked about other stuff instead. Somewhere along the way I just decided that the simplifying part was just something I wanted to do  in my life without really talking about it much.

The kids are also getting bigger and more aware and I take just under a zillion photos of them, but I’m feeling more self-conscious about them on their behalf lately.  The first day of school photos never really got posted because she looks sad and scared and a little annoyed and she was all of those things and I wouldn’t appreciate it if someone posted photos of me at my most vulnerable for all of the world to see.  So I’ve been thinking a lot more about wanting to post less random kid shots(less! Not none!), save the portraits for my business site, and focus a bit more on sharing on a larger scale of things I hope you all love to hear about – food and gardening and motherhood and seasons changing and preserving and projects and things of that nature all tangled together.

I know that I can do whatever I want, but I just wanted to throw it out there that I might make a move soon.  I’d really really love it if you’ll all come along.  And maybe give me some input into why you come here or just say hi so that I know I’m not just talking to myself?    I still don’t know, I’m kind of crouched on top the fence with one hand still holding on before I jump, I could still stop and just stay…I don’t know.  It just doesn’t feel “me” anymore, I kind of want to feel less stagnant and move forward. Less listening to myself talk, more pushing myself to be open. Somehow more community and more fun content and just more authentic.

If you’re so inclined, I’d love it so much if you’ll take this quick survey.  I’d really love to know what you all want to see and enjoy most so that I can plan a bit around that while I’m planning some future content!

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  1. September 17, 2012 5:57 pm

    I love reading your every day adventures, and hope to see more! If you decide to make the jump, I’ll still be tagging along. 🙂

  2. September 22, 2012 7:32 pm

    Love reading your blog. I took the survey and provided more feedback there. If you move, I’d follow, but I don’t see any reason to force the change. Good luck with your decision 🙂

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