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October 7, 2012

(phone pics since I haven’t shared in a bit – follow along if you want, I’d love to see you! I’m @lillianranauro on Instagram.)

Alternative title:  What to Do When You Want to Stay Home All Weekend and Not Spend Money

I have an awful cough right now that just won’t go away.  So I promised myself that I’d stay home and not go out in public and scare people. I combined it with the fact that I feel like I’ve been spending money like crazy lately, so it was a good reason to not go out and spend anything.  So, just in case you want some ideas for things to do if you want to stay home all weekend and not spend money:

Drink a cup of tea (or twenty) to try to stop your crazy cough that’s keeping you from going out in public and scaring people.

Listen to almost all of the recording of Anne of Green Gables.

Consider making these cough drops, but decide against going out and spending money to get everything (since you’re not spending money this weekend.)

Take a nap.

Pull Halloween decorations out of the basement.  Laugh that they’re mostly dollar store junk and your kids love them just as much as any actually nice decorations. Love that the kids love are so so happy to see them.

Watch the stuffed Frankenstein dance to Monster Mash at least 50 times.

Sit on the couch for cartoons for much longer than normal in the morning.

Paint something to hang on the wall.

Squish playdough.

Wrap books for Christmas.

Spend way too much time on Pinterest planning Halloween and Christmas ideas and stealing everyone else’s Elf ideas and deciding what you’ll actually do since it’s not humanly possibly to do all 93 of the projects you’ve pinned for Christmas – and that’s just the projects, that’s not even the decorating or food ideas. (Note to self: Do you not remember?? Christmas is out of control. The kids can’t handle it all!) Spend more time thinking of thoughtful Advent traditions and fun kid activities in general along with Art and Science and Nature and different specific unit studies to fill up afternoons without naps.

Pull out the crafts from various birthdays and holiday presents that have been sitting on a shelf waiting for a day at home and do stamps and shrinky dinks.

Send the kids to Home Depot for the free kids’ building project with your husband (and, since it’s fire safety day, have husband take them in the fake fire scene trailer and not remember from his own childhood that it will fill with smoke and scare the bejeezus out of your children.)

Send the kids and husband to the in-laws for dinner and not feel one bit guilty since I don’t need to spread this cough all over the place.

Take another nap.

Experiment with making tea with boiled milk instead of water – now my new favorite.

Read. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Little House in the Big Woods. One for me and one for the little one who is loving a chapter of a book each night now – we’ve been through a lot of my favorite Ramona and it was time for a change.

Make an amazing apple crisp that’s equal parts apple and oatmeal crunchy topping, just the way I like it.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Jen M permalink
    October 8, 2012 10:15 am

    Sounds like a lovely weekend 🙂 (aside from the cough). My kiddos LOVE the dollar store decorations too. And the dancing Frankenstein? We have the same one thanks to my MIL who always seems to give gifts that make noise. I’m bookmarking this post as it is filled with great ideas! LOVE the Elf on the Shlf ideas – I think I might need to cave and join Pinterest this holiday season….
    (been reading for a while…..time to comment! Really enjoy your blog.)

  2. October 11, 2012 7:39 pm

    i love these fall photos! I love the mums the best! Coughs & colds are no fun. Sounds like you were quite busy!! I do hope you feel better soon. I am so tempted to just not buy Christmas presents one year… I wonder what it would be like to just have one stress-free holiday. xoxo Feel better, Lillian!

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