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habit : november 3-9

November 9, 2012

habit , “a place to capture and celebrate the bits of our daily lives.”  1 Picture.  30 words or less.  Joining in during the month of November, feel free to link in the comments if you are as well!  You can find all of mine for the month (and last November’s, too) here if you want to follow along.

november 3:  I thought he was singing about boats until I realized he was marching around saying, “Vote, vote, vote!”  Those political ads on tv are doing something good for someone after all!

november 4:  It went so well. It’s been so long since I felt like I’m doing the right thing and the feeling makes me want to jump in with two feet first.

november 5:  On the way home we all talked about how excited we are to drive around in the dark and look at Christmas lights. Our first legit holiday excitement this year.

november 6:  They were so excited to walk outside and see their breath make fog.  I want a fraction of that wonder.

november 7:  I wanted to nap with them but instead chose work with coffee and Pandora. When she showed up, I chose to enjoy the distraction.

november 8:  I was so thankful that she wasn’t at all upset, she’s the kind of kid who won’t ever forget.  Some days it’s so hard to juggle it all.

november 9:  They laughed through playing with an entire roll of toilet paper before I realized it was the last one in the house.  Oops.

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