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Sunday Adventuring: Farmingdale Trail

April 16, 2013

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It’s crazy to me to look around and see bare trees, knowing that in just a few shorts weeks everything will be full and lush with leaves.  That slight hue of neon spring green is everywhere.  We’re sticking with our Sunday Adventuring plan and stayed kind of close to home this past weekend.  A friend introduced me to this trail last summer when we did family pictures there – I can’t believe that I never even knew it existed.  From the road and parking lot, it doesn’t look like much.  If you search around on the internet, it also doesn’t bring up much as far as info. But it’s a great trail!  Maybe the info isn’t out because it’s newer?  It was finished in 2009 and is managed by the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority on land that used to be owned by the Lancaster Malleable Castings Company (evidenced by the random bricks strewn about through the edges of the trail that make no sense if you don’t know that about the land.)

The trail starts just off of Good Drive between Marietta Ave and Oreville Road.  The trail itself is easy, save for a few kind of steep-ish hills that might make you huff a little extra hard if you’re not in the best shape.  At only 1.3 miles for the longest loop, it’s a short enough trail to do with kids and still have time to explore.  There are a few different loops that you can take, first through wetlands, then most crossing over Farmingdale Road and winding back toward the Little Conestoga Creek and along the railroad tracks. There is an open space for dogs and we see tons of dogs on the trail every time we visit.  The best part, in the summer, is the creek that runs along back end of the trail.  The access points in most sections are easy enough and shallow enough for kids to play with a few more spots under bridges that are even easier and more shallow.  The trail is also almost all gravel, so it’s especially well-marked and easy even with a stroller with big wheels.  It’s a “hike,” but really just a walk through the woods and easy enough for a quick stroll and I love that so close-by.

Trail:  Farmingdale Trail  Lancaster, PA. Loops range between 0.3 and 1.3 miles, so it’s an easy evening stroll or quick weekday adventure with kids.

Getting There: This one is much easier to access than last week🙂 It starts at a parking lot off of Good Dr.  just north of Marietta Ave. and south of Oreville Rd, about 1 mile south of the Lancaster General Health Campus.


  • There are picnic tables on the trail in two spots, so bring lunch! 
  • Dogs are welcome and you’ll see many as you walk.
  • If it’s hot out, bring a towel and play in the water – there are access points at a few different spots along the various trails.

If you live nearby, have you been here? Any other little local jewels to share?  If you lie far away, what are your favorite spots to head out for some time in nature?

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